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What is a hamper?
Published on 13/08/2021

What is a hamper?

All hampers make for fantastic gifts, so in answer to the question ‘what’s a hamper?’ we think the answer can be ‘anything!’. Our range covers a huge variety of hamper shapes, sizes, and contents. Some people might think a classic gift hamper has to be a picnic hamper, others believe it needs to be a wicker basket, but the official definition of a hamper is generally considered ‘a basket or box containing food for a special occasion’. Or, more simply put, a hamper is a treat!

Hampers: a quick word on words

In the UK, a hamper will almost always refer to a picnic hamper or a gift hamper, i.e. a container filled with food. However, across the pond, you’ll find a hamper is typically a term for a laundry basket! One of the more universal terms is “gift basket” which will be understood in most English-speaking regions.

What’s a hamper traditionally?

Traditionally, a hamper is a box or basket filled with food. They can be presented at any time of year, but there are certain occasions and fillings that are considered more common than others. These include:

Christmas Hampers

Often sent to friends, loved ones, and colleagues during the month of December, Christmas hampers are full of festive treats. Generally, a Christmas hamper isn’t complete without a Christmas pudding, Yule log, mince pies, and mulled wine.

Cheese and wine hampers

A match made in heaven, it’s no surprise that cheese and wine hampers are so popular. You might most often see this combination as port and stilton, a great hamper combo!

Baby hampers

A baby hamper is a great gift for new mummies and daddies, packed with everything they need to look after their new bundle of joy. Common gifts for new-borns include toys, embroidered blankets and baby clothes – as well as some luxury treats for the new parents. By presenting these as a hamper, style and function are beautifully blended for a memorable gift!

What’s a hamper made of?

Hampers come in all shapes and sizes, from wicker baskets to gift bags. At Regency, we have a huge range of hamper presentation options:

Classic hamper baskets

Who doesn’t love the charm of classic wicker hamper? Hamper baskets make for lovely gifts that can be repurposed as stylish storage or re-filled and re-gifted. If a lidded hamper isn’t how you want to present your gift, we have open baskets too, so the delicious contents can be seen at first glance! Discover classic hampers for yourself with our Wellington Hamper with Red Wine. Beautifully packed I hand-made willow basket, this hamper comes with a range of delectable treats including cheese, preserves, oatcakes, peanuts, and biscuits.

Wooden crates and boxes

For a more contemporary edge, try our crate gifts. Stylish and sleek, they’re also fantastic for being reused as home storage. Our Ploughman’s Choice Crate is a perfect example, loaded with crisps, preserves, cheese, and your beer of choice. As for wooden boxes, we let you make it extra special with our personalised box options. Just take a look at our Lindor Truffle Gift Box with Engraved Personalised Lid, a beautiful gift for someone special that can be made even more perfect with your custom message engraved right on the lid. Transforming your hamper holder into a forever keepsake, our engraved box hampers are a wonderful choice for any occasion.


For the more functional gift presentation choice, we have trays. Our Celebration Breakfast Gift Set, for example, includes a tray so you have absolutely everything you need for a special start to the day — including what to carry it on! It’s perfect for breakfast in bed, coming with smoked salmon, fresh grapefruit, fresh fruit juice, croissants, tea, and coffee.


Enabling you to grab a hamper and head out on an adventure, our cooler hamper options contain delicious food options in a stylish hamper bag to keep it all the perfect temperature for when you’re ready to dine. Best of all, your cooler bag can be used again and again. Try our Brunel Picnic Jute Cooler, coming with smoked salmon, crisps, coffee, cheese, preserves, crackers, and delicious fruit pressés.

Gift boxes

Colourful and cheerful, our gift boxes are also a great way to present your hampers. Our tower of treat options are show-stopping gift options where presentation counts. What’s a hamper tower of treats? It’s a mini present pile that’s sure to delight! Coming with several boxes stacked together and tied with a ribbon, we’ve loaded them with delicious nibbles.

At Regency Hampers, we let you create a hamper to look however you fancy, and contain whatever you like. From simple gift boxes to beautiful picnic hampers, and personalised wooden boxes, we can deliver! Keep it simple if it’s just for you, or finish it all with a ribbon, after all, what is a gift hamper without a bow?

Find your perfect hamper

Whether it’s a gift or a treat just for yourself, our hamper range is sure to include something you love. Can’t find precisely what you’re looking for? Wish our wicker hamper option came in a cooler instead? The head over to our Create Your Own Hamper page and make your hamper to be precisely what you want! View the full Regency Hamper range.

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