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Wondering What To Buy a Teacher? Let Us Help You Do Your Homework
Published on 12/04/2018

They have devoted their time to give you or your younger ones the most precious gift; the gift of knowledge. So, make sure you show your gratitude, by giving that special teacher a gift to remember. If you are looking for present ideas for teachers, look no further than Regency...
How To Serve The Perfect Cheese Board
Published on 12/04/2018

For a classy end to a dinner party, or a smooth accompaniment to a glass of wine with friends, the cheese board is a staple of British dining culture. But don’t risk leaving your guests cheesed off – read our best advice on how to serve the perfect cheese board...
Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Deserving Dad
Published on 12/04/2018

He’s your hero, your number 1 fan and font of all DIY knowledge. So this Father’s Day, make sure you say a big ‘thanks dad!’ with a tailored gift hamper or gift set courtesy of Regency Hampers. Whether yours has an adoration for alcohol, is charmed by cheese or a...
Days out with dad: places to go for Father’s Day
Published on 12/04/2018

He’s likely to have been the family’s personal chauffeur at some point, so why not thank dad for all those trips out with a special Father’s Day trip? We’ve chosen our favourite locations to take dad this summer, which have a connection with our range of food and drink hampers...
The Best Father’s Day Alcohol Gifts
Published on 04/04/2018

He’s very fond of you, but he’s also fond of a drink or two. This Father’s Day, give him something that will really show how much you value him with one of our tailored alcohol gift sets. Whether he worships whiskey or wine, savours a cider or his beloved is...
Unusual and different Easter gift ideas
Published on 12/03/2018

When it comes to Easter gifts, how often have you simply rushed last minute into a supermarket or high street store, and chosen a garish boxed egg from the numerous options arranged along the shelves? We’re sure the recipient appreciated them, but why not put some extra thought into the...
Gift Ideas for Mums of Every Type This Mother’s Day
Published on 06/03/2018

Are you pondering what to buy for Mother’s Day? It’s almost that special day when we say thank you to mums across the land. Why not make this the year that you get organised, place the order for your Mother’s Day gifts in good time and then sit back in...
Mother’s Day Days Out: UK Daytrips You Need to Take
Published on 06/03/2018

Planning the perfect Mother’s Day treat? When it comes to selecting the perfect present for mum, days out can be a thoughtful addition to some fresh flowers or delectable chocolates. Planning family days out, or even just arranging a surprise trip for the two of you, will give your mum...
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