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Holiday Hampers
Published on 20/06/2022
Muffin, Flapjack & Biscuit

Holiday Hampers

Summer is off to a fantastic start, and after a few warm weeks many of us are getting eager to hit the road for a sunny getaway. Whether you’re taking a much-deserved break and heading off on a weeklong trip or simply popping out for the weekend, this is the season for a bit of adventure and exploration – around the UK and further abroad. There are so many ways to explore the country – by train, cycling, hiking, or maybe a road trip. Perhaps a fishing trip is more to your tastes? Wherever the destination, and however you get there, you’re going to want a great array of food and drink to enjoy throughout your journey.

From RV to Airbnb, hotel to hostel, camping to glamping – wherever you’re staying, it’s always best to bring some food and drink. Hotel minibars can be pricey, and your campsite might not have many shops nearby. Save yourself those long trips to the shops – holidays aren’t for running errands! Instead, having a holiday hamper packed with easy treats is a fantastic solution.

When it comes to the perfect holiday hampers, there’s a few things to consider. If you’re looking for a travel hamper that can last a longer trip, you’ll need to find food and drink that can last. If you’re going with the whole family, you’ll want to make sure there’s more than enough for everyone. For refreshments, you might need a way to ensure your drinks say chilled for longer.

So, let’s go through everything you need for your ultimate holiday hamper!

Road Trip Must-Haves

When you’re on the road, you should pack a travel hamper with food that’s easy to eat, doesn’t need to be chilled, and will keep you energised. For example, muffins and biscuits are a great option if you’re looking for a sumptuous snack on the go. You won’t need any cutlery, they’ll last a while without needing to be kept cool, plus a bit of sugar is more than welcome for a long journey.

Our large Muffin, Flapjack & Biscuit gift basket is perfect – offering plenty of delicious treats to feed the whole family. Enjoy a delightful selection that features Lottie Shaw’s Gingerbread Men, Millionaire Shortbread, Oat Flapjacks and more. You’ll get giant-sized versions of Custard Creams, Jam Sandwiches and Bourbon Biscuits created by Four Anjels together with their luxurious Double Chocolate Biscuits. The main event is a delicious choice of La Boulangerie Tulip Muffins including Triple Chocolate, Lemon Meringue and Blueberry Crumble. This is the perfect travel gift hamper to ensure nobody goes hungry while you’re on the road.

Another great choice for shorter getaways is a fruit basket. We have luxury fruit baskets in a range of sizes and offering a wide variety of mouth-watering fresh fruit, so whether you prefer traditional or something more exotic, you’re sure to find a fruit basket to suit your tastes. Our Fresh Muffin, Chocolate, Fruit & Nut Hamper is absolutely perfect for holidays!

The best drinks for your holiday hamper

Once you arrive at your destination, it may be time to get the tipples out. Depending on where you’re holidaying, you might not have easy access to a fridge or cooler – so it’s a good idea to go for drinks that are just as satisfying without being chilled. Plus, if for example you’re camping out under the stars – a bit of whiskey will certainly help to warm you up once the sun goes down!

Our spirit hampers offer premium whiskey, gin, cognac, vodka, and more, alongside fantastic treats like crackers, biscuits, cheeses, chutneys, crisps, and so much more. Meanwhile, our alcohol-free pressés are a fantastic alternative, available as an option across our range of luxury travel gift hampers.

At the same time, if you do prefer chilled drinks, like beers, bubbly, or even just juices – we’ve got you covered there too! Our Long-Handled Cool Bag is a classic willow picnic basket with a brilliant chiller cool bag packed within. The perfect way to keep your food and drink protected from the elements – in style.  Offering a large capacity while still being lightweight, this easy-to-handle cool bag is sure to be a welcome companion wherever your adventure guides you!

Many of our empty picnic baskets come with cooler compartments, so explore the complete range and find the perfect versatile holiday hamper for your trip. 

Blissful summer hampers for the holidays

For a weekend away in the height of summer, a picnic will be an excellent activity to get into the holiday spirit. Our range of picnic baskets offers plenty of variety, coming in a range of shapes and sizes to suit couples, families, and beyond – with an incredible selection of sweet and savoury treats and wonderfully refreshing drinks packed inside. A picnic is a great choice for a weekend out camping, and our picnic baskets are so easy to pack, transport, tidy, and of course, enjoy.

Pamper hampers for an indulgent holiday

Is a spa weekend more to your tastes? If so, our Pamper Hampers are the perfect way to unwind! For instance, our Classic Pampering Set Gift Crate is an outstanding choice. The rustic, reusable wooden crate is so easy to transport, and inside you’ll find a massage brush, body lotion and bath creamer from Bomb Cosmetics, a soothing fresh linen glass candle, an exfoliating body puff, pink pamper soap, and more, along with your choice of Lily O’Brien’s Petit Indulgence chocolate collection or a bottle of San Leo Brut Prosecco. 

However you choose to holiday, you can add a little extra joy to your trip with a luxury travel gift hamper from Regency Hampers.

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