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100th Birthday Ideas
Published on 30/09/2016
Birthday Sherborne Hamper

100th Birthday Ideas

Finding the right gift can often be a challenge no matter the milestone, but what do you buy for someone who’s turning 100 years old? From sentimental gifts to collecting personal testimonials – there’s actually more choice than ever when it comes to showing the special centenarian in your life how much you care.

Finding The Perfect Gifts For a 100 Year Old

100th birthday gifts should be all about thought and sentiment. And a gift that generates a sense of nostalgia or takes a person back to their heyday is an excellent way of showing them you care. But how exactly do you recreate that feeling with a gift?

Compiling Memories

Whether it’s for a parent, grandparent or even great grandparent, being able to compile material from throughout their lifetime shouldn’t be too hard to do. Significant photographs, old letters or even a special edition newspaper from the day they were born can all be assembled in a gift box or basket – designed to allow your loved one to take a trip down memory lane as far as your pieces of history will take them. A thoughtful and meaningful present – memory compilations are a great way to celebrate a centenarian birthday.

Creating a Testimonial Book

When it comes to 100th birthday present ideas, creating a testimonial book can be a thoughtful way of showing your loved one just how many people they have in their lives that care for them. Invest in a quality hardback journal and have friends and family write personalised messages throughout the book to present to them on the big day. You can even make it a touch more personal by having those who own shared photographs to stick them in the book too.

Sharing 100 Years of Stories
Sharing stories can often bring back memories and invite your loved one to teach you more about their life. Having friends and family write down their favourite memory and collecting them in individual envelopes is a fun way of reliving some of the more memorable occasions from the past while presenting them in a thoughtful and original way.

Crafting the Perfect Playlist Sourcing old music is also a great way to mark a 100th birthday celebration. Tracking down re-mastered records from the early twentieth century is sure to be a surprise for them, but if you’re having trouble tracking down their favourites, YouTube can be used to source music as far back as the 1920s and 1930s. Find full playlists or make your own and take your loved one back down memory lane with chart toppers from more than half a decade ago. If you need a place to start, 1920-30.com has a good archive of information on jazz, musical, and popular classics from the 1920s.

Gathering a Selection of Home Comforts
From fresh fruit baskets to fine cheeses, biscuits, chocolates and a selection of premium spirits, why not give your loved one something to enjoy after the celebrations are over with a classic gift hamper filled full of their favourite drinks, snacks and treats? From whisky and coke to wine and cheese – find a complementary gift basket to let them finish their 100th birthday celebrations in style.

100th birthday gifts needn’t be hard to shop for – with a number of nostalgic 100th birthday gift ideas to choose from, you can personalise centenarian birthday celebrations for your loved one to make it as special, or as low key as it needs to be. Explore Regency Hampers’ range of gift hampers to find a selection of ideal gifts for a 100th birthday.

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