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Luxury gifting ideas for corporates – what and when to give
Published on 18/10/2016

Luxury Gifting Ideas For Corporates – What and When To Give

A vital aspect of any business is maintaining close-knit relationships with your clients, partners, and employees. Of course, sending unique corporate gifts in order to do so is an excellent way of showing your business associates how much you appreciate their trust in you, and also helps you to keep up that good rapport and reputation within your sector. But choosing corporate gift items can be a challenging prospect. How exactly do you strike the right balance between thoughtful business gifts that are appropriate that don’t step outside of your company’s code of ethics? Use our guide below to help you navigate the complexities of luxury gifting ideas for corporates, helping you decide what to give and when to give it.

Gifts For Clients

Corporate gifts for clients are difficult to master. Keeping things simple, but with a personalised touch, can make client gift-giving less of a strain. One universal corporate gift idea that is sure to prove successful is food – providing your clients with a selection of luxury treats and snacks for their team shows that you’re appreciative of their business and continued relationship with your company. A selection of sweet and savoury snacks means that you’re putting together something for everyone – make sure you include alcoholic-free beverages and dairy-free and gluten-free treats as you wouldn’t want to alienate any of your clients. A broad selection of luxury snacks and drinks for your clients – what’s so unique about that? Well, here’s where the personal touch comes in. Personalise your corporate gift to the client you’re sending it to with a unique presentation box, intricately carved with their name or logo on the box. That way, your client knows that this gift was made just for them. Add your own card with a personalised message for a finishing touch – this will show your client your appreciation for their continued support of your business. Remember to make sure that your client is able to accept your gift before sending too. You may find that some public sector organisations do not accept gifts over a certain price or at all so it’s always worth checking before you buy.

When Should You Send Gifts To Clients?

You don’t always have to send gifts to clients around the holidays. If your work together has recently seen a highly successful event or campaign, then sending across an impromptu congratulatory gift is a great way of showing your client how much you appreciate their business, and that you care about their success as much as you do your own. Send a ‘Congratulations’ hamper when your work together has proved particularly fruitful.

Gifts For Partner & Directors

Show your partners and directors that you greatly value their input with a more personal gift. It doesn’t have to break the budget, but it should be something that shows how thankful you are for all their hard work. A personalised leather notebook is a professional way of showing how highly you think of your directors’ hard work. If, however, you’re buying just a handful of gifts for a small team of partners or directors, you could make each gift you give slightly different depending on how close your team is. Do you know that they have a favourite celebratory drink? Maybe your finance director loves prosecco? And your head of operations prefers whisky? Choose your directors’ favourite drinks, and team with personally engraved glasses to suit their preferred tipple. Not only will a personally engraved message on a glass show them how much you appreciate their work, but it will also add a celebratory feel to their gift, especially if you’ve had a particularly successful quarter or business endeavour that should be acknowledged with a congratulatory drink.

When Should You Send Gifts To Partners?

Recently won some new business due to a director’s input? Or increased your customer base after a specific partner has come on board? Show your appreciation with a small corporate gift. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, or a personalised notebook, a small gesture will act as an incentive to your management team to keep pushing for increased business wherever possible.

Gifts For Employees

Are you buying gifts for your entire workforce? A small gesture goes a long way when it comes to gifts for employees. Show your appreciation for their hard work with a gift voucher or with a decadent sweet treat. A box of ‘Thank You’ chocolates is a sure to be a hit for everyone in the office, but if you’ve had a particularly good year why not treat the team with a luxury sharing hamper, filled to the brim with sweet treats to share in the kitchen? Chocolate and biscuits are always a crowd-pleaser and will be a winner whatever your budget is for employee gifts. Take the gift up a notch if the budget allows and add some bubbly ready for the Christmas party, and make sure your team knows how much you appreciate their work with a large ‘Thank You’ chocolate plaque. Remember to keep in mind those that have dietary requirements too – add some diabetic chocolate to your team sharing hamper, and don’t forget to add some dairy-free and gluten-free treats to your hamper too.

When Should You Send Gifts To Employees?

The end of the year is generally a reflective time for businesses, and an excellent opportunity to show your staff how highly you think of their hard work and attitude throughout the year. A small token of appreciation at Christmas will help keep your employees motivated so that when they come back to work in the new year they’ll be ready and raring to help you achieve success once again.

Buying corporate gifts for your team ahead of the Christmas rush? Take a close look at our latest sharing hampers for the office, and personalised corporate gift baskets and order them for a swift delivery directly to your client or employees.
30 September, 2016
How Personalised Corporate Christmas Gifts Can Set You Apart

Everyone loves gifts. Come Christmas time, they’re particularly appreciated, if not sometimes expected. Corporate Christmas gifts take it one step further, demonstrating generosity even between professional relationships. But take corporate Christmas gifts even further still, into the realms of personalisation, and you’re onto a winner. Why Choose Unique Corporate Christmas Gifts? By definition, a unique gift is something that has never been seen before, a gift that is original in its idea and execution. This means that when you choose unique corporate Christmas gifts for your clients, they’ll be receiving a gift they’ve never seen before – which can speak volumes for client relationships. But how do you do this? Personalisation. Personalised corporate gifts help to set your offering apart by acknowledging the relationship between client and company and taking the extra time and effort to make the gift unique. Essentially, it shows you care. Personalised Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas So how exactly can you personalise your hamper with your own branding? With Corporate Branded Gifts. Colour Printing – add your logo in all its high-definition and colourful glory to a range of our hampers and wooden gift boxes. Whether it’s a Prosecco & Chocolates Gift Box containing a fine bottle of sparkling prosecco and assorted chocolates, or a Pitville Hamper packed full to the brim with a sweet and savoury combination, the addition of your logo adds a meaningful presence and unforgettable personalisation to an already special gift. Laser Engraving – our laser engraving technology brings your corporate gift ideas to life, making personalised business gifts that little bit more special. Add personalised messages when placing bulk orders as a way of adding a dash of character to the front of your hamper gift to greet your recipients in style. The Alcohol-Free Large Office Share Hamper and Ascot Hamper are both great wooden box hampers, perfect for laser engraving. Ribbons – for an elegant way to add your presence to your business gifts, corporate branded ribbons can also be added, providing the perfect way to dress up your corporate Christmas gifts in a traditional yet contemporary fashion. Ideal on hamper baskets like the Westcote Hamper and the Twyning Hamper, our ribbons can be made to your exact colour, font and branding specifications. All of our personalised business gift options are available on orders of more than 5 or 6 as a great way to put your mark on your business gifts this year. Explore our fullCorporate Branded Gifts selection to find the one you’re looking for....

13 October, 2017
Festive Christmas Hampers For Him

Whether you’re looking for gifts for husbands, boyfriends, grandfathers or colleagues, choosing the perfect present for him is essential. Tailor your gifts to the food and drink you know he loves – find the perfect Christmas hampers for him today with help from Regency Hampers. Find The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Him From cheese based hampers with refreshing alcoholic beverages to succulent food treats waiting to be devoured, finding the perfect Christmas presents for him couldn’t be easier. Ale Lover? Whether it’s gifts for boyfriends, colleagues or relatives you’re looking for, for a man who loves his ale, our Real Ale Man Crate is the perfect choice. Stocking up his favourite selection of ales including Marston’s Pedigree Amber Ale and Spitfire Ale, let him relax with a cold beverage in hand come Christmas time. Not only can he feel refreshed and quenched, but festively full too – the crate also contains an array of delectable treats, savoury and sweet, perfect for indulging. From fruit and nut slab cake and mini jelly babies, to chilli and lime cashews and sweet chilli crisps, let him know he is well catered for during the festive season. Soft Spot For Cheese? Looking for Christmas presents for him perfect for satisfying his cheese cravings? Get him into the festive spirit with our Port & Stilton Favourites hamper for him, perfect for adhering to those savoury cravings. Whilst he sips on his bottle of Graham’s late bottled vintage port, let him tuck into blue stilton and extra mature cheddar alongside highland oatcakes and Tiptree onion relish. Living Overseas? If you have a loved one who’s working overseas, travelling over the holidays or permanently residing abroad, an exportable Christmas hamper for him is the perfect choice. With a selection of non-perishable food and drinks, let your gifts for him delight with a much-needed touch of home come Christmas time. For a true celebration, our Christmas Tradition Hamper for him is the perfect way to deliver a slice of home alongside delectable goodies for him to indulge in. Whilst tucking into Christmas pudding, Swiss chocolate truffles and lemon shortbread minis, he can choose his tipple of choice from port to champagne and Sauvignon Blanc. Loves to Indulge? Choosing the perfect present for him is made easier with our help – find the ultimate indulgent gift from our extensive Christmas hampers selection. Perfect for satisfying any indulgent cravings, our Christmas Carol Hamper is the ultimate treat for those who love tucking into a feast over the Christmas period. Packed full of a selection of treats such as cheddar cheese twists, double chocolate biscuits and Lindor chocolate truffles, let him kick back with a glass of Bilyara Shiraz and tuck in. There’s even room for dessert too… find The Cotswold Gourmet Christmas pudding and Christmas pudding chocolate bar tucked into this festive Christmas hamper, waiting to be devoured. Still searching for the perfect festive Christmas hampers for him? Explore our entire Christmas hampers selection to find your favourite....

08 December, 2017
Luxury Christmas Hampers For Her

Have a lovely lady in your life you’re looking to treat come Christmas time? Whether it’s that special someone, a relative, colleague or neighbour, find Christmas gifts for her this season. Christmas Gifts For Her From lovers of food to those overseas, our extensive selection of Christmas presents for her is sure to help you choose the perfect gift this year. Whether she loves a Christmas drink, prefers her present sans alcohol, or perhaps has a soft spot for Christmas cheese, find presents for her this season that are perfect for popping under the tree. The Christmas Foodie It wouldn’t be Christmas without indulging in copious amounts of food, would it? Let her feel suitably treated this Christmas with a luxury food hamper for her, perfect for slow indulgence throughout the festive period. For a foodie festive feast, why not try our Sweets & Treats Tower? From millionaire shortbread to oat flapjacks, gingerbread men to chilli and lime cashews, find a delectable treat fit for any woman in this jam-packed luxury Christmas hamper for her. Beautifully presented in a large gift tower display, the lucky lady can explore her tower of sweet treats and tuck in – perfect for sharing or for solo indulgence. The Cheese Lover Picture Christmas evening curled up in front of the fire with red wine in hand – but what would make it complete? A luxury cheese hamper for her. And our Mistletoe Red Wine Hamper has it all for those with an affinity for cheese. Let her tuck into organic Cotswold brie and extra mature cheddar whilst sipping on the luxury flavours of the Kumala Winemakers Shiraz – perfect as a present for her to sit back with and relax throughout the festive season. The Fan of a Christmas Tipple Whether it’s stocking up for the Christmas Day meal or simply to relax with once the dinner has been devoured, find Christmas wines, champagnes and spirits perfect for a festive celebration. For a wine lover, our Classic Wine Crate is the perfect choice. Let her stock up on her favourites, from sparkling brut wine to Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon – this strong selection displaying an array of rosés, whites, reds and bubbles is the perfect gift for her this season. The Loved One Abroad Whether she’s living overseas, working for the season or holidaying for Christmas, let her know she’s on your mind come Christmas time with luxury presents for her. Our Festive Selection Hamper is the perfect delivery for a slice of home. Let her sip on sparkling premium cuvée wine whilst tucking into puff pastry twists, The Cotswold Gourmet Christmas pudding and tomato and basil Yorkshire crisps. These non-perishable food and drink treats will not only serve as a festive surprise for loved ones abroad, but a touch of home that may be well needed during the Christmas period. The Non-Alcoholic Have a lovely lady in your life who isn’t as fond of a Christmas tipple? Find alcohol-free presents for girlfriends, wives, mothers and daughters alike, starting with our Alcohol Free Festive Treat. Let her snack on Christmas shortbread cookies, The Cotswold Gourmet’s fruit and nut slab and milk chocolate truffles. And to drink? She can wash it all down with organic raspberry crush sparkling pressé, perfect as a Christmas refreshment without compromising on the celebration. Still looking for luxury Christmas hampers for her? Explore our extensive Christmas hampers selection – perfect for finding that special gift for her this Christmas....

05 December, 2017


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