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Corporate Gift Buying Guide - Regency Hampers
Published on 30/09/2016 Updated on 19/10/2016
Corporate gift buying guide

Your Corporate Gift Guide In Eight Simple Steps

Have you been charged with coming up with this year’s corporate Christmas gift ideas? Looking for unique business gifts that encompass your company brand and values, while also staying in budget? Follow our simple eight-point checklist and wow your clients with personalised corporate gifts for Christmas, or say ‘Thank You’ to your partners with a sweet treat.

Corporate Gift Checklist

Consider these eight key elements when choosing the perfect client gift and deliver an exceptional corporate gift that is on-brand, on budget and one of a kind.

1. What is the reason for giving a corporate gift? There are many reasons for giving a corporate gift. It might be to improve customer relations, to incentivise or reward staff, celebrate a business anniversary or mark a new product launch. Identifying the main reason you are giving a corporate gift will help you determine the most appropriate gift for the occasion.
2. What is your budget? Considering your purse is vital for securing the perfect gift idea that your boss will readily sign off. Are you buying a small number of exclusive high-end gifts? Are you gifting to a corporate group or does the budget need to stretch to cover a larger volume of client gifts? Bear in mind who you are gifting to. Some companies have a value limit on what they are happy to receive – so always make sure you check first. Also remember to factor in VAT (if applicable) and delivery charges.

3. Is there a deadline to meet? Is your gift an impromptu ‘Thank you’ or is it part of a company-wide event or anniversary? Knowing your deadline will help you work out how much time you have for personalisation. The perfect corporate gift should have a clear brand message – so plan ahead to get the best results. 

4. Are you personalising your gifts? Keep your corporate gift on brand to ensure that your company name remains front of mind with your clients. Branded corporate gifts can include your logo on a decorative ribbon in your key corporate colour; or a branded message on gift boxes, crates or hampers; or for something extra special, look at engraved glasses combined with premium beverage gifts, for business clients. 

5. Is there a theme? Consider the impression you want to make with your gift, or what occasion it is marking, and theme your choice accordingly. From corporate Christmas gifts to chocolate confectionary paired with the finest champagnes, make sure you choose the right gift for the occasion. If your gift is to promote a special event or product launch, consider how you can theme your basket or hamper further. 

6. How do you want your gifts presented? Create a lasting impression with a gift delivered in a durable wicker basket or branded wooden case that can be reused and remembered long after its contents have been devoured. From lidded willow baskets to branded boxes and packaging, ensure your corporate gift item wows on delivery and leaves a lasting impression with your clients or top performers. 

7. How do you want your gift delivered? Are you planning to present your gifts yourself? If so, have your gifts delivered direct to your business address. If this is for a corporate presentation or part of an on-site event, be specific on time and date of delivery. Alternatively, you can have your client gifts delivered simultaneously to multiple locations on your behalf. A reliable tracked courier service is paramount for this, and timing is crucial, especially if your gift is linked to a product launch or anniversary. Mark the date with an outstanding corporate gift.

8. Are you sending gifts overseas? If you plan to send your gifts to Europe or internationally, then consider the contents carefully. Avoid gifts with perishable goods; rather look at corporate hampers stocked with long shelf-life items such as wines, chocolates, biscuits or preserves. Also consider delivery costs and customs restrictions, especially on gifts containing alcohol. Follow our eight-step corporate gift buying checklist to create a gift that delivers a great impression on clients and colleagues. Regency Hampers provides high quality corporate gifts for leading brands, including Virgin, Hilton and Citibank. 

For more information on creating and sending personalised corporate gift ideas, contact our team on 01242 500 920.

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