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Healthy Hamper Ideas
Published on 20/07/2021 Updated on 20/07/2021
Fresh Fruit & Nut

Healthy hamper ideas

Hampers are a delightful treat for any occasion, but they do often come with particularly indulgent options. This can make it difficult to find something to suit a recipient with specific dietary requirements, or just those who prefer to be a bit healthier. Luckily, Regency Hampers makes it simple to find a perfect healthy hamper for those who are averse to processed sugar or alcohol.

Hamper Gifts for Health Enthusiasts

Fruit, glorious fruit! There’s a reason the classic fruit basket remains one of the most popular types of healthy food hamper, and indeed, any sort of gift hamper. Wonderfully colourful, fresh fruit baskets are a fantastic healthy hamper idea for those that want to make a statement. Our healthy food hamper range includes several varieties of fruit basket so you can find the perfect match for the occasion.

Go for a timeless favourite with our Classic Fresh Fruit Hamper including pineapple, oranges, grapes, apples, pears and kiwi fruit. For an exotic twist, we have an Exotic Fresh Fruit Gift Basket with blueberries, pineapple, melon, coconut, mango, passion fruit and more. For a more tropical take on things, try our Tropical Fresh Fruit Hamper coming with grapes, pineapple, melon, pomegranate, passion fruit, mango, kiwis, and more.

Of course, hampers are made for sharing, and not everyone is always on a fitness kick. We have great hampers that balance healthy hamper ideas like fruit with more indulgent treats. Our Fresh Fruit & Muffin Hamper for example, combines fresh fruits like bananas, grapes, grapefruit, apples, and kiwi with delicious muffins in blueberry, raspberry, and chocolate varieties. Or try our Fresh Fruit, Cheese & Biscuit Gift Basket, a charming selection of pineapple, apple, grapes and pears to make perfect accompaniments to a selection of cheeses and nibbles.

Alcohol-free Hampers

Boozy beverages may be a welcome addition in many hampers, but they certainly aren’t essential to make any gift memorable. Our alcohol free hamper is full of wonderful healthy hamper ideas for those who are avoiding alcoholic drinks.

Our Highbury Hamper with Alcohol-Free Sicilian Lemonade, for example, certainly doesn’t lose any of its charm simply because it doesn’t have alcohol! In it you’ll find gourmet crisps, puffy pastry twists, biscuits, cake, fudge, chocolates, a steamed pudding, and piccalilli. Of course, if you do want to add in an alcoholic beverage, our healthy hampers are super customisable, so you can do just that!

Hamper Baskets for Healthy Hamper Ideas

If you’re just not finding that perfect healthy food hamper to meet the tastes of your chosen friend or loved one, why not let them pick their treats for themselves? With our empty hamper baskets, you can provide endless possibilities for stylish outdoor adventures – one that meets every dietary need! It’s the perfect way to let fussy eaters and fitness fanatics to enjoy all the charm of a classic hamper, without the possibility of disappointment when it comes to its contents!

Our Luxury Fitted Picnic Hamper Basket is sure to be an enduring gift to be loved. A beautiful wicker hamper that includes everything you need for some al fresco summer dining, from the picnic blanket all the way down to the salt and pepper shakers, all that’s needed are the healthy food choices that diners can make for themselves!

Self-care Pamper Hampers

Health is more than physical, so allow someone to take some important time to themselves to regroup and refresh with one of our pamper hampers. Sometimes it helps to be given permission to just step back and put yourself first, and a gift like our Perfect Pamper Gift Tower allows just that to happen. A healthy hamper in a different sense, this lovely collection includes everything one needs for some self-care, such as a detox massager and brush, body butter, body lotion, scented candle, flannel, bath soak, soap, nail brush, and some sweet treats too.

Our Classic Pampering Set Gift Crate is another fantastic choice, with a bottle of prosecco to add some fizz and everything else needed for an indulgent pampering session, including bath bombs, massagers and a scented candle.

Healthy Food Hampers and More

Whether you’re looking for a not-too-naughty food hamper or a pamper hamper to treat someone special, Regency Hampers can help! Plus, with our option to build your own hamper, even if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our extensive collection, you can create your own healthy hamper that everyone is sure to love.

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