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Activities for Father's Day
Published on 30/05/2024 Updated on 30/05/2024

Activities for Father's Day

With Father's Day just around the corner, it's time to start planning the perfect day to show your appreciation for your Dad - or any other special man in your life. Whether your dad is an outdoorsman, a foodie, or a film buff, we've got a fantastic array of Father's Day activities that are sure to make his day truly memorable. From a delightful picnic in the great outdoors to a gourmet cooking experience at home, these activity ideas will help you create a celebration to make this Father's Day one to remember.

Celebrate Outdoors with a Father's Day Picnic

If your dad is a nature lover, why not treat him to a delightful Father's Day picnic in a scenic location? Pack a sumptuous hamper filled with his favourite gourmet treats, such as artisanal cheeses, cured meats, fresh fruits, and a selection of fine wines or craft beers. Don't forget to include some freshly baked bread, crackers, and perhaps a homemade quiche or salad for a well-rounded alfresco dining experience.

Our Henley Fitted Picnic Hamper with Red Wine is an excellent choice for a Father's Day picnic. This hamper is complete with picnic plates and cutlery and packed with cheese, salmon and many more delightful gifts including a rich red wine and a sparkling fruit presse. The superb Chilean red wine from Casillero del Diablo is a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon while the refreshing soft drink is Luscombe's Organic Raspberry Crush Sparkling Presse. Savoury delights include Severn & Wye Premium Smoked Salmon plus two award-winning British cheeses: Select Vintage Mature Cheddar Truckle from Snowdonia and Simon Weaver's Organic Cotswold Brie. Further savoury treats include Claire's Handmade Red Onion Marmalade plus packets of Arden's Cheddar Cheese Twists and Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Yorkshire Crisps. Sweet indulgences feature Four Anjels Cotswold Luxury Shortbread, a Luxury Jewel Topped Fruit Cake from the Original Cake Company, plus a delicious Lemon Steamed Pudding courtesy of Cotswold Gourmet, and a pack of Lindt Chocolate Truffles.

When choosing the perfect spot for your Father's Day picnic, consider his preferences. If he's an avid hiker, select a picturesque trail with a stunning viewpoint where you can lay out your picnic spread. For a more relaxed atmosphere, opt for a tranquil park or a secluded beach where you can enjoy quality time together while savouring the delicious contents of your picnic hamper.

DIY Gift-Making Session

For the crafty dad who loves to create, a DIY gift-making session is one of the most thoughtful things to do for Father's Day. Spend quality time together while working on a project that combines his interests with a practical or decorative item that he'll get to enjoy and look on fondly for years to come.

Consider his hobbies and skills when selecting a DIY project. If he's a woodworking enthusiast, plan a session where you can build a custom wooden bookshelf, a rustic coffee table, or a unique picture frame. For the dad who loves to tinker with electronics, a DIY audio speaker or a retro-inspired desk lamp might be the perfect Father's Day activity.

Not only will this hands-on experience allow you to bond over a shared creative project, but it will also result in a one-of-a-kind gift that reflects your dad's personality and interests. Don't forget to document the process with photos and videos, as these memories will be just as treasured as the final product itself.

Wine-tasting Evening

For the dad with a refined palate, a wine-tasting evening is an excellent way to celebrate Father's Day in style. Create an intimate at-home wine-tasting experience by selecting a range of fine wines from different regions, varietals, and vintages. Accompany the wines with a carefully curated selection of gourmet appetisers, such as aged cheeses, cured meats, and artisanal bread, to enhance the tasting experience.

For the wine-loving dad, our Six Bottle Classic Wine Crate is the perfect gift on Father's Day. This six-bottle wooden presentation case contains two reds, one white, two sparkling wines, and one charming rosé. Starting with the reds, these classic wines include Penfolds Rawson's Retreat Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon and a Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon. The fine white wine is a Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc, followed by the superb sparkling Mionetto, Yellow Label Prosecco and Prosecco DOC Millesimato. The final bottle to complete this set of superb wines is a light and refreshing Shiraz Rose, another from the celebrated Chilean vineyards of Casillero del Diablo.

To add an educational element to the evening, research the background and tasting notes of each wine, and share these insights with your dad as you sample each bottle. Encourage him to share his own observations and preferences - if he's the thinking man's wine drinker, that is!

Gourmet Cooking at Home

If your dad is a passionate home chef or a food enthusiast, a gourmet cooking experience at home is one of the most enjoyable Father's Day activities you can plan. Choose a cuisine or style of cooking that he loves and create a menu that showcases his favourite dishes or ingredients.

Start the day by shopping for fresh, high-quality ingredients together, visiting local farmers' markets or speciality food stores to select the best produce and products. Once you have your ingredients, work together in the kitchen to prepare the dishes, sharing tips and techniques along the way. This collaborative cooking experience not only allows you to spend quality time together but also provides an opportunity for your dad to share his culinary knowledge and passion with you.

For a selection of sides or a post-dinner cheeseboard, consider gifting your dad the Ploughman's Choice In Wooden Crate With Real Ale hamper. This gift grate contains a bottle of Old Speckled Hen Ale as well as some very tasty additional treats that pair well with Real Ale. Inside this carefully-packed wooden crate you'll find Wainwright's Choice Vintage Mature Cheddar and Simon Weaver's Organic Cotswold Brie together with Cottage Delight's Pork Pâté, tangy Pickled Shallots in Malt Vinegar, and Old English Chutney with Cider as well as Pipers Lyecross Cheddar & Onion Crisps. These gourmet delights can be incorporated into your cooking or enjoyed as appetisers. When the time comes to show your love and appreciation for the dads and father figures in your life, our vast collection of luxury Father's Day hampers offers everything you need.

Father's Day Film Night

For a dad who's a film-boff, a movie night is a classic and enjoyable way to celebrate Father's Day. Create a cosy home cinema experience by selecting a lineup of his favourite films or a themed movie marathon that reflects his interests, such as classic Westerns, iconic sports films, or beloved sci-fi adventures.

Prepare a selection of his favourite movie snacks and treats, such as freshly popped popcorn, gourmet chocolates, and craft beers or artisanal sodas. For a more indulgent experience, consider creating a personalised film-themed luxury hamper filled with gourmet snacks, fine wines, and movie memorabilia.

To make the evening extra special, decorate your living room or backyard with movie-themed elements, such as film posters, vintage movie reels, or a red carpet leading to the viewing area. Set up a comfortable seating arrangement with plush cushions and cosy blankets, creating an inviting atmosphere for your Father's Day film night. Then sit back, watch and talk film until his heart's content -- and his stomach is full of the delicious array of snacks you've assembled for him.

Father's Day is a wonderful opportunity to show your appreciation for Dad, with a celebration that's tailored to his tastes and interests, Whether you opt for a scenic outdoor picnic, a hands-on DIY gift-making session, a sophisticated wine-tasting evening, a gourmet cooking experience, or a cosy film night, the most important thing is to spend quality time together and create lasting memories.

At Regency Hampers, we understand the importance of celebrating life's special moments, and we're dedicated to helping you create the perfect Father's Day experience with our range of luxury gift hampers. Whether you choose one of our curated selections like the, or create your own personalised hamper filled with your dad's favourite gourmet treats and fine wines, we'll ensure that your gift reflects the love, appreciation, and thoughtfulness that your father deserves on this special day.


Q: What are some unique Father's Day gift ideas?

A: Some unique ideas include:

  • A personalised luxury hamper filled with his favourite gourmet treats and fine wines
  • A custom-made piece of artwork or decor that reflects his interests or hobbies
  • An experiential gift, such as tickets to a concert, sporting event, or a cooking class
  • A subscription box tailored to his interests, such as a monthly wine club or a gourmet food delivery service
  • A high-quality, handcrafted item related to his passions, like a leather briefcase for the business-savvy dad or a set of artisanal barbecue tools for the grill master

Q: How can I make a Father's Day gift hamper more personal?

A: To make the gift hamper more personal:

  • Choose items that reflect your dad's unique tastes, hobbies, and interests
  • Include a heartfelt, handwritten note expressing your love and appreciation
  • Add personal touches, such as custom labels, photos, or inside jokes shared between you and your dad
  • Consider including a sentimental item, like a framed family photo or a cherished memento from a shared experience
  • Tailor the packaging and presentation to his style, such as using his favourite colours or incorporating elements related to his passions

Q: What are some budget-friendly Father's Day activity ideas?

A: Some budget-friendly activity ideas include:

  • Planning a scenic hike or bike ride followed by a picnic in a beautiful outdoor setting
  • Organising a family game night with his favourite board games or card games
  • Preparing a home-cooked meal featuring his favourite dishes or childhood recipes
  • Creating a heartfelt, homemade gift, such as a scrapbook filled with cherished memories or a hand-painted mug featuring your own artwork
  • Hosting a backyard movie night with a projector and screen, featuring his favourite films and classic movie snacks

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