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What To Gift a Chocoholic
Published on 25/03/2022 Updated on 25/03/2022
Lindor Truffle

What To Gift a Chocoholic

Whether you’re sending your condolences or congratulations, there’s never a bad time to gift someone with chocolate. Enjoyed all year round by people all over the world, you simply cannot go wrong by giving the gift of chocolate. From our chocolate selection boxes, to chocolate tasting experiences and chocolate hampers, there’s something for every kind of chocolate fanatic to enjoy from the Regency Hampers range. Choosing the perfect chocolate gift is no easy feat, there is so much to choose from and everyone has their own preferences. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on our chocolate gift and hamper ideas to help you make that decision.

So, with Easter around the corner, let’s take a look at some of our favourite chocolate hamper ideas.

Our Favourite Chocolate Hampers and Gift Boxes

Need multiple gifts for congratulating work colleagues, thanking multiple friends or wishing good luck to new home owners? Then, our share boxes are the chocolate gift idea for you! 

With a variety of different delectable chocolates nestled inside a beautiful gift box, there’s something tasty for everyone to discover in a share box, and no one will be left feeling unsatisfied. Our Lindor Truffle gift box, for example, is home to 64 delicious truffles from one of the most loved and popular chocolatiers, Lindt. With 9 different flavours to choose from, ranging from salted caramel to strawberries & cream, every bite is a different taste experience.  

If you’re really looking to treat someone this year, one of our favourite ways to do so is with a Chocolate Collection gift tower. This cornucopia of treats features chocolate in all its different forms, from biscuits to drinks, and is designed to be enjoyed by the most chocolate-obsessed of recipients. In amongst milk chocolate raisins, mini eggs and clotted cream fudge pieces, all from Little Things, you’ll find Lindt truffles, Cotswold Gourmet chocolate pudding bar, Lily O’Brien’s Petit Indulgence Collection and the San Cristobal drinking chocolate from Cafedirect. All arranged in 3 separate tower boxes, this gift set will feel like an endless supply of chocolatey heaven.

Popular Chocolate Pairings

Whilst chocolate certainly needs no accompaniment, it’s often nice to go the extra mile by considering the tasting experience for your chocolate gift. Giving the gift of a gorgeous and well-thought out food and drink pairing shows you’ve thought a little extra about your recipient’s tastes and enjoyment! 

One of life’s great luxuries is champagne or prosecco, with chocolate-covered strawberries and other chocolatey treats. In this spirit, we suggest gifting one of our Wine & Chocolates gift basket with Prosecco. The main attraction for chocolate lovers is, of course, the Lindt Swiss Luxury chocolate selection. Featuring gorgeous dark, milk and white chocolates, this is a beautiful assortment of some of the most luxurious chocolate that Lindt has to offer. In perfect harmony, this gift basket also features the Zonin 1821 Prosecco Doc Spumante Special Cuvée. The sweet bubbly Zonin contrasts nicely against the velvety and rich chocolate to create a delicious harmony of taste; this is a winning chocolate and beverage pairing and one of our most popular chocolate hamper ideas.

Another popular drink, often enjoyed with darker chocolates, is red wine. Both equally rich and decadent, these two powerhouses of flavour are sure to wake your tastebuds up! The Personalised Chocolate Tasting Experience with red wine is a great way to gift the best qualities of both chocolate and wine to someone you love. The tasting experience does exactly what it says on the tin, with six different flavours, varieties and strengths of chocolate for your recipient to indulge in, alongside an exquisite New Zealand Pinot Noir from Mud House. You can use the wine as a palette cleanser in between tasting each chocolate, or drink it at the same time to enhance the chocolatey flavours and discover new ones! A chocolate tasting experience is a fabulous gift idea for chocolate lovers that are looking to try something new. However, those that enjoy richer, intense flavours will be sure to enjoy this collection.

Other Gift Ideas for Chocolate Lovers

One of the best things about chocolate is it’s versatility. Whilst delicious in it’s original bar form, we enjoy it in cakes, biscuits, drinks, sweet treats and even sometimes in savoury cooking. Gifting someone with chocolate doesn’t mean you can’t think outside of the box; hot chocolate, for example, makes a fabulous gift idea for chocolate lovers, and often lasts a little longer than a bar of chocolate! Many of our chocolate hampers feature drinking chocolate, like the Chocolate Lover’s gift set complete with Cafedirect’s San Cristobal drinking chocolate.

A basket of muffins is another great chocolate gift idea. Filled to the brim with chocolate and other deliciously flavoured cakes, a muffin basket is a generous way of saying ‘Thank You’, ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Get Well Soon’, or a lovely way to simply show someone you love that you’re thinking of them. Ranging from a number of different sizes, so you can gift as many people as you’d like, your recipient will love to enjoy them for breakfast, dessert or as an afternoon treat – you may even get to eat one yourself!

Last but not least, one of our favourite ways to send love with chocolate is on one of our personalised chocolate plaques. These plaques feature in many of our hampers and, with the option to write a message of your choice, you can personalise a chocolate plaque for any occasion or for any recipient. Why send a card when you can send a message with chocolate! You can also head to our 'Personalised Hampers' page if you’d like to get creative with your chocolate gift.

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