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Vegan Hamper Ideas and Diet Tips for Veganuary
Published on 27/01/2022 Updated on 23/03/2022
Vegan Windermere

Going Vegan Beyond Veganuary

January is the perfect time to explore new interests and lifestyle changes, and one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions in 2022 has been embracing veganism with ‘Veganuary’. Those who’ve participated have aimed to follow a strictly vegan diet for the month – a challenge for some, an awakening for others!

Going vegan presents so many benefits for both physical and mental health, and for the environment, and these days, it’s easy to find affordable vegan meals that are just as delicious as their meaty counterparts.

Of course, your new vegan diet doesn’t have to end at the end of Veganuary; if you’ve been enjoying it so far, you may as well see how long you can keep it going, and we can certainly help with our range of luxury vegan hampers!

So, let’s explore what exactly going vegan means, and take a look at some brilliant vegetarian and vegan hamper ideas!

What does plant-based mean?

A vegan, or ‘plant-based’ diet means abstaining from eating any foods derived from animals. This is different from a vegetarian diet, which generally involves avoiding meat but not necessarily cutting animal products entirely. While some vegetarians might still use dairy products like milk, eggs and butter, vegan means completely avoiding any food or drink that contains animal products.

Veganism can also stretch beyond food and drink to include bath and body products, cleaning products, clothing, and so on. ‘Plant-based’ is synonymous with a vegan diet, but doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding animal products outside of food and drink.

How to go vegan

These days, you can find so much amazing vegan food, whether you’re looking for meat, egg or milk alternatives or entirely new and innovative recipes. While for a long time it was a struggle to find a decent vegan meal at a decent price, the lifestyle has grown so quickly that there are now endless options for any and every vegan to enjoy.

Veganuary is great because it can act as a tester or trial run of sorts, or you might prefer a more gradual approach incorporating vegan meals into your diet every now and then as you explore your options.  

No matter how you approach it, you’re bound to find some absolutely delectable dishes in the vegan world, but if you need a hand, we’ve got you covered!

Vegan & Vegetarian Hamper Ideas

At Regency Hampers, we make going veggie or vegan easy, and delicious! If you’re looking for vegetarian and vegan hamper ideas, we have a huge selection, offering the same luxurious, premium quality you can expect from any of our hampers and gift sets. Explore sweet and savoury treats that are completely free from animal products, but just as delectable – if not more!

Cheese & Wine Hampers

One of the biggest concerns for many looking to try going vegan is how to live without cheese – but you don’t have to! Vegan cheese has come a long way over the years, and these days you can find cheese alternatives that can truly replicate the taste of your favourite cheeses, without the dairy. Explore luxury hampers with vegan cheese paired with a bottle of wine for an exquisite cheese & wine night, and find options with plenty of extras like olives, oatcakes, crisps and more.

Fruit Baskets

If you’re looking for vegan hamper ideas to gift a loved one, or simply looking for a way to treat yourself as you continue to explore the new diet, you can’t go wrong with a vibrant fruit basket! It’s not all about trying to create the perfect imitation steak – sometimes it’s best to just go back to basics, and our wide range of fresh fruit baskets are a welcome addition to any home. Explore gift baskets offering a range of fruits, from local favourites to exotic selections, with something to suit anyone looking for healthy, tasty treats.

A great choice for vegetarians is the Breakfast Tray Gift Set With Orange & Grapefruit Juices. This delightful gift set offers everything you need to kick off your day in style, with fruity muesli from Dorset Cereals, blueberry and raspberry tulip muffins from Lizzie’s, Mrs Bridges strawberry preserve and fine cut orange marmalade, six Les Brioches croissants, a selection of tea and coffee, and orange and grapefruit juice, all served beautifully on a timeless bamboo serving tray.

Pamper Hampers

Of course, if you’re searching for vegan and vegetarian hamper ideas to send to friends and family but you’re not certain what food and drink they’ll love, you can always go for a pamper hamper packed with blissful bath and body products – so you don’t need to worry about getting the wrong type of vegan cheese or the wrong flavour of plant-based chocolate!

If you still can’t decide – a Regency Hampers gift voucher is always a wise choice! Leave the decision in their hands to choose from our range of sumptuous luxury vegan hampers.

What about Dry January?

Veganuary wasn’t the only craze this month – many also embraced Dry January to kick off the year without alcohol. If you’re looking to continue your health kick into February and beyond, we have a wide range of luxury alcohol-free hampers to help guide your teetotal journey without having to miss out on delicious drinks – whether it’s a selection of alcohol-free pressés, Sicilian lemonade, or otherwise. You’ll also find plenty of vegan and veggie options among our range of alcohol-free hampers, too!

Whatever the new year brings, Regency Hampers can help bring so much joy and good health to your doorstep.


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