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Patriotic Hamper Picks: Give The Gift Of A British Food Hamper
Published on 09/05/2018
Alcohol-Free Stratford

Us Brits are a proud bunch. That’s not to say we are unwilling to embrace other cultures when it comes to fashion, entertainment and dining, but for many of us, there’s no place like home. One of the biggest sources of pride is our food culture. There are certain foods that are quintessentially British – whether because they represent the quality of British produce, or are a shining symbol of British tradition. Join us as we go on a traditional British food tour and celebrate the foods that have taken centre stage in our classic British food hampers. We’ll suggest a fine selection of British food gifts which are perfect for the most patriotic of recipients.

They’ll Cherish Cheese in their British Food Hamper

Cheese is one of our best and well-respected exports. Cheese is a great source of national and local pride, as it represents and carries the name of various areas of the UK, from Cheddar to Wensleydale and beyond. This makes it a natural inclusion in any British Food Hamper. Amongst our Classic and Specialist cheese hampers, you’ll find a fine selection of handpicked British cheeses including Gloucestershire Brie, Snowdonia Mature Cheddar and Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton. By featuring a range of cheeses in our British food gift baskets, we give a salute to the UK wide contribution to quality British produce.

Truly Traditional British Food: Tea, Jam & Scones

Originating in the South West but now a nationwide favourite, the cream tea is a crumbly, creamy and tea soaked centre piece of British summer dining. It’s thought that the tradition of eating scones with jam and cream began as far back as the 11th Century in Devon, but the cream tea as we know it today flourished in the West Country around 1850, during the tourism boom. Steeped in such history, and combining 4 examples of our Best British Foods including Scones, Clotted cream, jam and tea, no truly British food hamper would be complete without some or all of these elements. Amongst our Hamper range, you’ll find examples of British preserves, teas and cakes. But if you wanted to give them the full cream tea experience, why not treat them to a cream tea gift set?

Classic British Food Gifts: Thornton’s chocolates

It may have been bought by Italian confectionary giants Ferrero in 2015, but Thornton’s is a British chocolate brand founded in 1911 by Joseph William Thornton, so deserves its status as one of our best British food brands. Nationwide, Thornton’s chocolate is regarded as some of the highest quality chocolate available and is always a high on the list of favoured British food gifts given at Christmas time, Valentine’s and Easter. Like cheese, the variety in a Thornton’s selection represents British wide tastes and influence, from Cornish fudge to crunchy nuts, caramel and truffles, as well as milk, dark and white chocolate. Find Thornton’s chocolates included in a wide variety of our Chocolate Hampers, including the Bibury Hamper.

Highlands inspired British Food Gifts: Shortbread and Oatcakes

The Scottish influence in our British food gift baskets can be found in whiskeys and Scottish snacks. The classic and world renowned Scottish sweet snack, highland shortbread, is featured in many of our hampers. Attributed to Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th Century, shortbread is a development of leftover dough from bread making and the ‘short’ term derives from the amount of butter in the mixture which makes them sit much flatter and present a crumblier texture than other biscuits. Walkers pure butter shortbread is now sold around the world and the same goes for their oatcakes in the familiar tartan packaging. This proud British export is featured in many of our hampers, including the Winderton Hamper. Celebrate this Scottish success story by choosing a shortbread filled British food hamper.

Fine British produce to wash it down with: Pimm’s

We accept this is not a food, but no British food hamper is complete without something to wash all that luxury British food down with. A renowned and celebrated British classic, Pimm’s was founded in the early part of the 19th century by James Pimm from Kent. It’s a gin-based liqueur with bitter herbs and citrus and is traditionally served with Lemonade. Naturally, as a taste of British summer, Pimm’s features in many of our picnic hampers including the Pimm’s and Lemonade Winderton Gift Basket.

If you are looking to give a gift that features exceptional British produce and traditional British food, look no further than our British food hampers. Order yours today and please the patriots you know.

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