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Tips for serving food with hamper wine
Published on 19/01/2011 Updated on 19/01/2011

A number of red wine and food flavours have been said to go well together, which could help people who are choosing between gift hampers.

David Dickson, writing for the Tribune, claimed that red generally makes a good companion to meats, listing dark varieties such as beef and game specifically.

Giving chicken cacciatore as an example, he suggested the beverage complements heavy sauces, regardless of the meat.

Mr Dickson advised that particularly tannic varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, are best served with fattier produce like lamb and duck, due to their ability to "mitigate the tannins".

"Red wines also pair well with chocolate. The bigger the red, the darker the chocolate," he said.

Warning against wine that is too warm, Mr Dickson added that the refreshment should be enjoyed at room temperature.

Earlier this month, an article published on StreetCorner encouraged enthusiasts to match red wine with fish, even though white is more commonly associated with seafood.

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