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Thank You Gift Ideas for the Festive Season
Published on 19/12/2016 Updated on 05/02/2018

Dependent on what you’re being thankful for in particular, there is a wide range of festive gifts appropriate for giving when you want to show your appreciation. From wanting to say thanks to friends who have looked after your home while you’ve been away on holiday to those who played a part in your wedding – and everything in between – find inspiration from our appreciation gift ideas below to let your friends or family know just how thankful you are this season.

Attractive Plants and Flowers

Send a thank you gift that will leave a sweet smell in your friend’s home or office this season with a bouquet of flowers or a decorative house plant. Flowers are a courteous and customary way to say thank you if you aren’t quite sure of your recipient’s favoured vices. When it comes to the particular choice of flower, just make sure you avoid those that already hold symbolism elsewhere, such as roses or lilies. With regards to plants, ideas can be a little more quirky – with anything from bonsai trees to cacti being a welcome gift.

Sumptuous Chocolates

Another great way to show your gratitude towards your friends and family at Christmas time, the beauty of chocolate boxes is that there’s usually something for everyone. If you want to send a thank you gift to someone with a particular favourite when it comes to confectionery – then going the extra mile and picking up their favourite brand is a great way to show your appreciation. If you’re unsure as to their favourite tastes – then a Sweet & Treats to share gift tower is the perfect way to cover all bases.

Delectable Alcohol

A popular choice when it comes to thank you present ideas, alcohol is the perfect way to show your appreciation this Christmas while treating a friend or loved one to a bottle of their favourite tipple. Wine often goes down well, as does champagne if the occasion is particularly noteworthy. Finding their favourite bottle, or even a selection of a few, is a great way of showing your gratitude this festive season. For something even more significant, why not choose a bottle or two from our Christmas Wine Gifts & Champagne Boxes selection.

Sentimental Ornaments

For a lasting way to show your appreciation, the best thank you gifts are those that can be cherished long after bottles of wine are empty and the chocolates all gone. Commemorative ornaments, personalised photo frames and decorative cutlery are all great ways to give thanks and mark a special relationship. Thank you gifts that can be used and appreciated every day hold a lasting importance, and are perfect when you want to show your gratitude for involvement in important events such as weddings.

Luxury Christmas Hampers

For more unique thank you gift ideas, our Luxury Christmas Hampers offer an eclectic range of sweets, snacks and drinks to show your gratitude in style. Good thank you gifts show appreciation by presenting friends or loved ones with the things you know they love the most. Whether it’s wine and cheese, confectionery, savoury snacks or a selection of everything, choose a Christmas Hamper that says thank you by giving them a choice of their favourite indulgences.

When choosing gifts to say thank you, picking the right gift for the right person can be a tough decision. From flowers to chocolates, alcohol to ornaments or even a selection of everything – show friends and family how thankful you are with gifts of appreciation this Christmas. Explore our Christmas Hampers range for more hamper inspiration.

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