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Enjoy a Non-Alcoholic Christmas Full of Festive Treats
Published on 19/10/2018 Updated on 19/10/2018
Alcohol-Free Christmas Cracker

The world’s first commercially-produced Christmas card featured a happy family gathered around the Christmas Dinner table raising glasses in seasonable celebration. And yet not everybody who saw or received one of these new greetings cards was pleased.

That first Christmas card was designed by John Callcott Horsley for Sir Henry Cole who had the original idea and the cards went on sale in 1843. But some keen teetotallers objected to such a prominent scene of revelry, especially with young children being encouraged to drink what was presumably meant to be wine in the spirit of the season.

Of course, nowadays, wine and spirits don’t have to be part of the Christmas experience as there are so many wonderful soft-drink alternatives that you can choose from. Companies such as Regency Hampers always include a wide range of non-alcoholic Christmas gifts and alcohol-free hampers so that everyone can enjoy a fine festive time with traditional food and innovative drinks such as sparkling pressés and delicious fruit cordials.

In this article we select a number of our favourite alcohol-free Christmas hampers and non-alcoholic Christmas presents for this celebrated season of giving and receiving gifts that everyone will enjoy.

Alcoholic-free hampers never need to be free from fun.

Regency Hampers make sure that their Christmas gift hampers always contain some excellent traditional festive treats and that includes their non-alcoholic Christmas presents that are now available to buy online. These include an excellent range of gift items to suit all budgets, from low-cost alcohol-free presents to lavish non-alcoholic picnic hampers packed with fine food and soft drinks.

For example, if your friends, family members or colleagues would prefer a non-alcoholic Christmas gift how about one of these Christmas Greetings Hampers with Alcohol-Free Pressés. This alcohol-free Christmas hamper offers a delightful mix of savoury snacks and sweet treats, including award-winning British cheeses, a traditional Christmas pudding and a box of delicious Swiss Lindor Chocolate Truffles.

Meanwhile the soft drink selection in this alcohol-free gift takes the form of Blueberry Sparkle from The Organic Collection and Organic Cranberry Crush Sparkling Pressé from Luscombe as a delicious and sparkling alternative to Champagne or Prosecco during the Christmas period.

Non-alcoholic Christmas Hampers with a savoury twist.

Another excellent choice for a soft-drink Christmas hamper is the Cotswold Tradition Hamper with Alcohol-Free Pressés, with an even more extensive range of savoury treats packed into this elegant wicker hamper basket including puff pastry twists, marinated olives and sweet chilli crisps.

The soft-drink selection includes no fewer than four bottles of alcohol-free pressés with Blueberry Sparkle and Bubbly Blackcurrant from The Organic Collection as well as Raspberry Crush and Cranberry Crush from Luscombe for a wide choice of delicious and refreshing sparkling drinks to go with a fun-filled Christmas dinner.

On a sweet note this Cotswold Tradition Hamper offers such traditional treats as luxury shortbread, cranberry biscuits in a presentation gift tin, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and mince pies plus a superb selection of chocolates and chocolate truffles from Lindt the Swiss master chocolatiers.

Some traditional hamper gifts are free of alcohol but packed with Christmas treats.

Alternatively, how about a wonderful Christmas gift that doesn’t contain any drinks at all? That needn’t be disappointing as Regency Hampers also offers non-alcoholic Christmas Hampers that are simply packed full of delicious festive food treats without a beverage in sight.

Take for example, the delightful and very reasonably-priced Taste of Christmas Gift Carton that contains a superb range of traditional Christmas snacks and treats including sweet chilli crisps and pastry twists as well as Christmas fruit & nut slab cake with a marzipan star and icing sugar dusting plus alcohol-free mince pies and a tempting box of Thornton’s Classic chocolates.

Sparkling fruit pressés make a refreshing alternative to sparkling wines.

If you and your friends or colleagues want to share a Christmas drink without suffering the potential consequences of a hangover, a headache or simply dozing off, why not try a sparkling fruit pressé instead? Many of our non-alcoholic Christmas hampers contain these sparkling fruit cordials and they make a delicious fizzing alternative to Champagne, Prosecco and sparkling white wine.

Who needs complicated ‘mocktails’ to replace cocktails when a glass of blueberry sparkle, Sicilian lemonade or a sparkling lime crush served over ice will provide all the fizz you need for your festive occasion. Now you can get everyone in the Christmas spirit with a wonderful series of alcohol-free presents from Regency Hampers.

Choose the perfect gifts from the Regency Hampers range of non--alcoholic Christmas presents and you can keep everyone happy, especially those friends, family members and colleagues who’d really appreciate an alternative soft drink Christmas gift hamper that also contains a wealth of traditional treats for the festive season for them to enjoy.

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