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Cocktail Inspiration For Alcohol Hampers
Published on 19/02/2020 Updated on 20/02/2020
Gin & Tonic Cocktail Set in Wooden Crate [ARCHIVE]

Looking for a way to liven up a celebration? Perhaps a loved one’s birthday is drawing near, or maybe you’re simply looking to create a perfect party drinks menu? Learn how to make cocktails with a twist from our party-appropriate selection of cocktail ideas, perfect for your next event.

Cocktail Making Ideas

Whether it’s vodka, gin or even real ale, getting creative behind the bar for your next upcoming party or event is a great way to put your alcohol hamper to good use. With simple-to-make recipes and easy to find ingredients, let guests relax and unwind with help from our delectable selection of cocktail making ideas.

1. Vodka Cocktails

Whether there’s a spring Easter party coming up or you’re simply in the mood to create a zesty cocktail, what better way to use up the vodka in your alcohol hamper than with a Bloody Mary? This classic vodka cocktail is simple to create, perfect for whipping up last minute before the guests arrive. You’ll need only lemon juice, Tabasco sauce and tomato juice – alongside a bottle of Smirnoff vodka, of course. Serve in a tall glass with ice to impress your guests.

2. Gin Cocktails

With a Cotswold Gin & Tonic Indulgence Hamper to hand, not only can you indulge in your favourite drink to kick back with at the weekend, but you could become explorative with some quirky cocktail making ideas, too. For those with a liking for gin, a Bramble would be a suitable choice for party guests or solo indulgence to treat yourself. Alongside your Gordon’s gin, add sugar syrup, lemon juice, crème de mure and berries to garnish and voilà – your Bramble gin cocktail is ready to serve.

3. Beer Cocktails

With bottles of beer to hand, why not spice up the ale for the party by creating a Spiked Michelada beer cocktail? With the juice of one lime, a dash of salt, a splash of tequila and your lager of choice, mix together in a tankard or tumbler to create an irresistible beverage ale enthusiasts will love. For a finished look to your beer cocktail, why not top it off with a dash of Worcestershire sauce? Use the remaining lime juice and a pinch of salt to run around the rim to ensure your cocktail looks just as appealing as it tastes.

4. Cider Cocktails

Ever tried Cider Sangria? Doing exactly what it says on the tin, find this cocktail inspiration recipe the perfect way to use up the alcohol from your Cider Man Crate. Combine your cider with a zesty collection of fruits, including apples and oranges to add to the Spanish feel to this cider cocktail, alongside Grand Marnier orange flavoured liqueur. For something a little extra, use ½ inch peeled ginger root simply to add a rustic taste to the flavour, but remember to remove and discard this two hours later. Serve in large wine glasses to deliver a cider with a twist to your next cocktail party!

Cocktail Making Ideas

With ample cocktail inspiration to choose from, why not try your hand at putting together your own cocktail ideas? Peruse through our selection of alcohol hampers today to get started.

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