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Autumn Hamper Ideas for Harvest Time
Published on 11/10/2021 Updated on 11/10/2021
Traditional Port & Stilton Hamper

Autumn Hamper Ideas for Harvest Time

It’s the season of cinnamon, sticky toffee and pumpkin spice – Autumn is often one of the foodie’s favourite times of year. In celebration of all things autumnal, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite seasonal hampers. Whether you’re planning your Halloween horror movie night and need some sweets to snack on or are sending a care package to a brand-new university student, these delicious gifts are a great way to mark the occasion.

Hamper Treats for Halloween

Get set for spooky season with a Halloween hamper. For those who miss their trick-or-treating days, we’ve got lots of sweet-filled hampers that will satisfy your sugar cravings without you ever having to leave the house. Our Chocolate Lover’s Hamper with Lindor Truffles provides a complete cocoa overload, with a combination of chocolate biscuits, truffles, bars and bears all presented in a hand-woven seagrass tray. There’s also our Sweets & Treats To Share Gift Tower (although we won’t judge you if you want to keep it all to yourself). It’s packed with classic favourites from chocolate raisins and caramel fudge to millionaire shortbread, flapjack and more.

If you’re the type to celebrate Halloween with a scary movie marathon, you’re going to need lots of snacks to keep your stamina up. Our Large Treats & Snack Share Basket is full of tasty treats for all your film-party guests and comes in a willow tray that you can hide behind for the jump-scares. The contents combine sweet and savoury to suit everyone, with chocolate truffles, biscuits, cheese twists, salsa and more, and it comes with bottles of bubbly to polish it off.

Back to School Hampers

It’s not just ghosts and ghouls that might be bringing on the scaries this season – it’s back to school time, too! With some students starting new schools or universities for the first time, a mid-autumn hamper makes a great care package to let them know you’re thinking of them. Get them ready for Freshers-Week fun with the Chedworth Hamper with Beer, packed with beer, lager, sweet treats and cheese twists. Or if you want to help them get in their housemates’ good books, send over a Fresh Muffin Share Basket with blueberry, raspberry and double chocolate flavours.

And when you’re planning for the new term, don’t forget about your teacher friends! Help ease them into what’s sure to be a busy few weeks with a surprise gift hamper for a teacher. Our Gosforth Hamper with Prosecco comes complete with a “World’s Best Teacher” flute to remind them just how amazing they are and is packed with chocolates, biscuits, cheeses and fudge to see them through late-night marking sessions.

Bonfire Night Hampers

Planning a Bonfire Night get-together? Make sure you stock up on snacks as well as fireworks! Our Fresh Fruit, Cheese & Biscuits Gift Basket has everything you need to make some crowd-pleasing nibble plates and is also guaranteed to make you favourite guest if you turn up to the party with it in hand. The fresh apples are perfect for making toffee apples or apple bobbing at a family party!

In fact, if you really want to win over the younger guests, try the Chocolate Lover’s Hamper, packed with chocolate popcorn, biscuits, cakes and truffles and even including extra-autumnal sticky toffee chocolates.

Thanksgiving Hampers

If you’ve got friends from across the pond who are feeling homesick around this time of the year, help them celebrate Thanksgiving with fall-friendly food. Cranberry biscuits, sparkling pressé and breadsticks and shortbread all make excellent additions to a Thanksgiving table and are accompanied by chocolate truffles, lemon sponge pudding and more in our Buckingham Banquet Hamper. It comes with a honey-glazed ham joint to make the perfect centrepiece. It comes with olives, cheeses, smoked salmon and crackers to be followed by chocolates, pudding, cake and more. And the real treat? A selection of Champagne, wine, whisky and gin to suit every palette.

Autumn Hamper Flavours

Pumpkin spice isn’t the only favourited flavour for this time of year! Our Downton Hamper with Cider combines seasonal tastes of Gold Somerset Cider with sticky toffee chocolates and classic orange marmalade. If you’re looking for an alcohol-free option, try our Afternoon Tea & Biscuits Gift Set. It includes warming gingerbread, flapjacks, oat and raisin cookies and fudge along with lots of other delicious, sweet treats.

If you’ve already got some flavours in mind you want to combine for your autumn hamper, you can even create your own hamper. Pick all your favourites, from dark chocolate ginger biscuits and honeycomb chocolate to fresh pears and salted caramel fudge. For those with a savoury tooth, there are plenty of options including apple chutneys and smoked cheese straws, and there are scotch whiskies, ciders and more to wash it all down with.

Whether you choose to create your own custom care package or opt for one of our ready-made autumn hampers, you’ll find plenty to tickle your tastebuds in our hamper collection.

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