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Product Code: 22 - 09 – 1994

17 years’ on since Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey left our screens, the cast of Friends are set to reunite this month, so get your bagpipes ready – it’s time to celebrate!

From Ross gifting Phoebe her first bicycle to Monica’s sock bunny for Chandler – there have been so many memorable gifts given on Friends. So, in celebration of the long-awaited reunion we’ve created the ultimate Friends gift hamper, featuring some of the most iconic gifts given in the show’s decade-long run.

Whether it’s to sweeten the deal on that new apartment you’ve been eyeing up, to coerce your ex-flatmate into moving back in with you, or simply a way to tell someone they’re your lobster, there’s no better gift to show a Friends fan how much you truly care.

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What’s inside?

Here’s a full list of every gift featured in the I’ll Be There for You Hamper:

  • Pat the Dog - dog statue - Ross’ gift for Joey
  • New Hugsie – Joey’s gift for Emma
  • Gladys painting stickers - Phoebe’s gift for Monica
  • The bicycle - Ross’ gift for Phoebe
  • Ms. Pacman arcade game – Phoebe’s gift for Monica and Chandler
  • The drum kit - Phoebe’s gift for Joey
  • The stuffed gorilla - Joey and Chandlers' gift for Emma
  • The brooch – Ross’ gift for Rachel
  • A romantic mixtape - Chandler’s gift for Monica
  • Wiper blades, new car smell spray, toilet seat covers, two cans of soda and condoms – Joey and Chandler’s gifts for the gang
  • Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. - Joey’s gift for Chandler
  • The sock bunny - Monica’s gift for Chandler
  • ‘To my best bud’ bracelets – Joey’s gift for Chandler
  • The tarantula - Phoebe’s gift for Joey
  • Water purifiers - Monica’s gift for Chandler
  • Oh, The Places You’ll Go - Joey’s gift for Rachel
  • A scooter – Tag’s gift for Rachel
  • Hootie and the Blowfish concert tickets - the gang’s gift for Ross
  • Why Don't You Like Me? tickets - Joey’s gift for the gang
  • New York Rangers & Knicks tickets - Various
  • The Velveteen Rabbit - Joey/Chandler’s gift for Kathy
  • The pen that tells time - Joey/Chandler’s gift for Kathy
  • A CD featuring Phoebe’s holiday song, song for Emma and Joey’s dramatic reading for Emma
  • Commemorative photographs & postcards
  • Friends peephole frame
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Now, a full-sized drumkit, scooter, bike and arcade machine won’t quite fit in a basket, and putting a real tarantula, chick and duck in a hamper together might end up a tad disastrous, so we’ve had to get a bit crafty here to pay homage to some of the most legendary presents in Friends history, from the most meagre (like a pen that tells the time) to the most meaningful (like The Velveteen Rabbit).

This hamper is packed with variety, with literary classics like Oh, The Places You’ll Go, cuddly soft toys including everyone’s favourite penguin Hugsy, and practical household essentials, like water purifiers and, of course, toilet seat covers.

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While the kids enjoy a mini drum kit and soft tarantula that certainly won’t be persuading anyone to move out, there’s plenty for entertainment for adults, too! Enjoy tickets to see Hootie & the Blowfish (all paid for, don’t worry); Rangers tickets; Knicks tickets (make sure you check the date); and most importantly, tickets to the off-Broadway classic, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ – hopefully there isn’t a rooftop soap party on the same time.

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Music lovers will love Chandler’s romantic Valentine’s Day mixtape for Monica, featuring the soothing sounds of the one and only Janice. Plus, for the first time on CD, enjoy original songs from Phoebe Buffay, including both her holiday song for the gang and her special song for Emma’s first birthday, with a bonus track from Days of Our Lives star Joey Tribbiani performing a dramatic reading of ‘Love You Forever’. Friends hamper page image 4

Of course, if you prefer to keep it classic you could pay tribute to Ross’ bribe for Ugly Naked Guy with a basket of mini muffins, or throw it back to season 1 with a room full of Melanie-inspired fruit baskets.

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