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Retirement Hampers

At the end of a long career, it’s good to mark the occasion with a suitable gift. Our retirement hampers are perfect presents for anyone leaving work to start a new life. We have wicker hampers full of delightful gift items including many with a delicious ‘On Your Retirement’ chocolate plaque.

Celebrate a well-deserved retirement with these classic gifts. And once the fine wine and food has been finished, the elegant picnic hamper or lovely willow basket is there to remind the lucky recipient of the occasion to be used for many happy years in retirement.


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The Afternoon Tea & Scones Gift Tray
The Afternoon Tea & Scones Gift Tray
Web Price: £43.65(inc. VAT)
£48.50Save: £4.85
Retirement Stratford Hamper
Retirement Stratford Hamper
Web Price: £44.55(inc. VAT)
£49.50Save: £4.95
Retirement Alcohol-Free Stratford Hamper
Retirement Alcohol-Free Stratford Hamper
Web Price: £36.90(inc. VAT)
£41.00Save: £4.10
Retirement Ascot Gift Hamper
Retirement Ascot Gift Hamper
Web Price: £91.80(inc. VAT)
£102.00Save: £10.20
Retirement Bibury Hamper
Retirement Bibury Hamper
Web Price: £37.80(inc. VAT)
£42.00Save: £4.20
Retirement Chedworth Hamper
Retirement Chedworth Hamper
Web Price: £54.00(inc. VAT)
£60.00Save: £6.00
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Retirement Champagne & Chocolate Hamper
Retirement Champagne & Chocolate Hamper
Web Price: £45.36(inc. VAT)
£50.40Save: £5.04
Retirement Draycott Hamper
Retirement Draycott Hamper
Web Price: £124.20(inc. VAT)
£138.00Save: £13.80
Retirement Cirencester Hamper
Retirement Cirencester Hamper
Web Price: £56.25(inc. VAT)
£62.50Save: £6.25
Retirement Champagne Didcot Hamper
Retirement Champagne Didcot Hamper
Web Price: £81.90(inc. VAT)
£91.00Save: £9.10
How To Stay Healthy At Work – Ideas for Employers

Looking after your employees’ wellbeing at work can reap a whole host of rewards for your workforce as a whole. Office jobs don’t particularly lend themselves to high volumes of physical activity, meaning fitting exercise into daily routines and focussing on health at work can be challenging for your team. Healthy employees tend to be happier – and by helping them to stick to their goals, you can demonstrate your commitment to their wellbeing as an employer. So, how can you support your employees to stick with their resolutions to stay healthy in 2017? Discover some of our healthy workplace ideas below. Encourage Cycling If your workplace is within cycling distance of many of your employees, all you need to do is be able to provide somewhere for them to store their bike and an incentive to get involved. One of the easiest ways to get fitter when your workforce is busy with work, introducing a bike to work scheme can have positive effects on health long term, and healthy employees make for a healthy business. Introduce Yoga Whether there’s space at work for office yoga or it has to be taken to a local facility, this mind and body workout can be a great way of staying healthy at work. It can work as a stress-reducing, calming exercise before, during or after working hours, depending on what fits in best with your employees’ schedules. Wondering just how beneficial yoga can be? According to the UK Health & Safety Executive, 37% of all work-related ill health cases in 2015-16 were attributed to stress, making this a key issue for employee wellbeing. Offering a yoga class to your employees once a week can make all the difference to both body and mind, encouraging them to take some much-needed time out and helping them to re-energise when they need it most. Provide Fruit Hampers Snacking is a given in many working environments, so much so that health in the workplace can be significantly affected by what you decide to eat throughout the day. Instant sugar rushes may seem like a sensible idea at first, but won’t provide lasting energy. Refreshing and invigorating, introducing fruit for the office makes for a much better, much healthier option. What’s more, healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Our range of Fruit Hampers include classic favourites as well as tropical and super fruit collections, providing a well-balanced selection of snack alternatives for throughout the day. Offer Stand-Up Desks Having seen a surge in recent years, ergonomic desks are the go-to solution for many office environments where employers want to offer a more flexible approach to working. Standing desks allow workers to sit, stand and lean to their heart’s content – this can help with both energy and posture problems caused by sitting hunched over a screen all day. And of course long term, it can help to make for a more active, healthier workforce. Promote Drinking Well Working in an office can be a minefield when it comes to beverages. Tea, coffee, juice? While caffeine isn’t majorly detrimental to health and performance, it should certainly be observed in moderation. It can be easy to succumb to the urges of a coffee round several times a day, but in an ideal world tea and coffee should be limited to no more than a few cups. When it’s even more crucial to stay alert, water is the best option. Though there’s not much you can do to control this, a few strategically placed informative posters on the benefits of drinking water may just do the trick – as well, of course, as providing plenty of water coolers to tempt passing workers. Health in the workplace is important. One of the best ways to stay healthy at work when peckish, our varied selection of Fresh Fruit Hampers offer a plethora of classic and tropical fruits. Keep workplace wellness in mind with fruit, activities, and a healthy working environment....

13 February, 2017
6 Inspiring Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

A Valentine’s Day card, a few roses and your mission for this year is complete. Or is it? Just because it can be as simple as that, doesn’t mean it has to be. And chances are, if you’re looking for Valentine’s day gift ideas, you’re probably looking for something a little different this year. Find inspiration with our selection of some of the best Valentine’s day gifts below to leave a lasting impression.Personalised Everything Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gifts are the personalised ones that show real thought. Putting in that little extra effort to inscribe their gift with a personalised message can transform even the simplest of gifts into something much more meaningful. From smaller novelty items like keyrings and fridge magnets to more meaningful gifts like jewellery and personalised glassware, putting in that added touch of personalisation can make all the difference. Handmade Anything Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day ideas for him or Valentine’s ideas for her, you can’t go wrong with handmade gifts. Are you a knitting king or crochet queen? The world is your woollen oyster if you can turn your hand to a knitting needle, with everything from cuddly toys to new items of clothing available at your needle tips. If your skills don’t lend themselves to the delicate art of needlework, then why not get really creative and hand make a playlist or video montage. Plan a Great Getaway Gifts for Valentine’s Day don’t always have to be restricted to the day itself. Especially when it falls midweek. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than packing up and visiting somewhere new, whether for a few hours or a few days. Plan a fun day out on the weekend to somewhere you’ve never been and prepare to make some new memories. Alternatively, if you’ve got a favourite place that you’ve visited together previously, why not take a spontaneous trip and surprise your special someone? Cook Up a Culinary Delight If you’re searching for Valentine’s Day gift ideas on a smaller budget, cooking is a great solution. If your partner has moderate taste, of course. The quickest way to any foodie’s heart? Make like Marco Pierre-White and cook up some sweet or savoury treats for their delectation. Not all Valentine’s Day presents have to be gift-wrapped. Tickets Please? Catching a show is always a great way to expand your repertoire of theatrical ticket stubs, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to grab a few for the latest musical, stand-up, opera, play or otherwise. Whatever your taste when it comes to the stage, head out and share the magic of performance with the one you love for a Valentine’s Day to remember. Food & Drink Galore Does your partner have a penchant for refreshing tipples and indulgent snacks? Valentine’s Day Hampers bring the best of the best when it comes to sweet treats. If your valentine is partial to a luxury chocolate or two with a sip of beer or bubbly on the side, why not treat them to the works with a hamper that brings together all their favourite goodies? Better yet, choose from selected hampers and get a free engraved glass so that they have a lasting reminder long after the food has been devoured. Traditional go-to gifts are ideal for many a couple celebrating February 14th, but if you want to push the boat out a little further and really surprise your valentine this year, why not go for something a little different? Explore our full range of Luxury Hampers for more inspiration....

08 February, 2017
Hampers for New Year

Although Christmas is still yet to come, it’s already the perfect time to start planning for the real party of the year. New Year’s Eve is like the Christmas after-party, with leftover food, drinks and snacks all making for the perfect New Year’s party buffet. The nature of leftovers, however, is that there’s never enough, so why not spruce up your host’s party table with some fresh food and drink? Wine New Year Hampers Always a welcome addition to any party, wine hampers are sure to be appreciated at any New Year’s party. A solitary red or white with accompanying confectionery says Happy New Year in a bold yet understated fashion, while wine duo gift boxes and wine crates can cover all bases when it comes to everyone’s favourite flavours. And as a bonus, they’re (almost) guaranteed to ensure the drinks stay flowing beyond midnight. Champagne New Year Hampers No New Year’s party would be complete without a bottle of champagne or prosecco to toast at midnight. A great way to offer a centrepiece and really show your appreciation to the host, champagne crates add a touch of decorative style to your celebratory bottle that your loved one can keep and reuse in the New Year. Favour champagne and chocolate gift hampers for New Year to make them extra special. Sweet New Year Hampers For when all the snacks have settled and been washed down, a sweet hamper is a great way to satisfy the sweet tooth in the room and celebrate with some confectionery. From biscuits and toffee to chocolates, shortbread and more – sweet treat hampers create a perfect sharing environment, ideal to see out the New Year in style. Alcohol-Free New Year Hampers Every party is bound to have a few who prefer the tastes of something sparkling sans alcohol – so why not make sure they can enjoy the festivities just as much as everybody else with an alcohol free hamper. Packed full of sophisticated pressés, sparkling waters, crushes and more – alcohol-free New Year gift hampers are a great way to keep everyone included. Fruit New Year Hampers For the more grandiose parties that are already going to have the food and drink covered, why not show your gratitude with a fresh fruit New Year hamper. Let them begin their New Year’s resolutions from day one with a fruit hamper full of all their favourites, or go for something a little more tropical for a real surprise. When it comes to New Year gift hampers, there are no real rules. From alcohol to sweets and snacks and even fruit, celebrate however you please this December 31st and enjoy the end of the year in style. Explore our full range of luxury hampers for more. Happy New Year from Regency Hampers!...

20 December, 2016
Thank You Gift Ideas for the Festive Season

Dependent on what you’re being thankful for in particular, there is a wide range of festive gifts appropriate for giving when you want to show your appreciation. From wanting to say thanks to friends who have looked after your home while you’ve been away on holiday to those who played a part in your wedding – and everything in between – find inspiration from our appreciation gift ideas below to let your friends or family know just how thankful you are this season. Attractive Plants and Flowers Send a thank you gift that will leave a sweet smell in your friend’s home or office this season with a bouquet of flowers or a decorative house plant. Flowers are a courteous and customary way to say thank you if you aren’t quite sure of your recipient’s favoured vices. When it comes to the particular choice of flower, just make sure you avoid those that already hold symbolism elsewhere, such as roses or lilies. With regards to plants, ideas can be a little more quirky – with anything from bonsai trees to cacti being a welcome gift. Sumptuous Chocolates Another great way to show your gratitude towards your friends and family at Christmas time, the beauty of chocolate boxes is that there’s usually something for everyone. If you want to send a thank you gift to someone with a particular favourite when it comes to confectionery – then going the extra mile and picking up their favourite brand is a great way to show your appreciation. If you’re unsure as to their favourite tastes – then a Sweet & Treats to share gift tower is the perfect way to cover all bases. Delectable Alcohol A popular choice when it comes to thank you present ideas, alcohol is the perfect way to show your appreciation this Christmas while treating a friend or loved one to a bottle of their favourite tipple. Wine often goes down well, as does champagne if the occasion is particularly noteworthy. Finding their favourite bottle, or even a selection of a few, is a great way of showing your gratitude this festive season. For something even more significant, why not choose a bottle or two from our Christmas Wine Gifts & Champagne Boxes selection. Sentimental Ornaments For a lasting way to show your appreciation, the best thank you gifts are those that can be cherished long after bottles of wine are empty and the chocolates all gone. Commemorative ornaments, personalised photo frames and decorative cutlery are all great ways to give thanks and mark a special relationship. Thank you gifts that can be used and appreciated every day hold a lasting importance, and are perfect when you want to show your gratitude for involvement in important events such as weddings. Luxury Christmas Hampers For more unique thank you gift ideas, our Luxury Christmas Hampers offer an eclectic range of sweets, snacks and drinks to show your gratitude in style. Good thank you gifts show appreciation by presenting friends or loved ones with the things you know they love the most. Whether it’s wine and cheese, confectionery, savoury snacks or a selection of everything, choose a Christmas Hamper that says thank you by giving them a choice of their favourite indulgences. When choosing gifts to say thank you, picking the right gift for the right person can be a tough decision. From flowers to chocolates, alcohol to ornaments or even a selection of everything – show friends and family how thankful you are with gifts of appreciation this Christmas. Explore our Christmas Hampers range for more hamper inspiration....

19 December, 2016

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