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The Finest Easter Hampers

Sending a hamper is a truly special way to celebrate an occasion, whatever it may be. At Regency Hampers, we have a spectacular selection of Easter hamper ideas to suit all tastes. Each hamper has been carefully designed to offer the finest snacks, sweets, wines and cheeses, whilst maintaining an unbeatable touch of luxury; no matter which hamper you choose, the lucky recipient will be thrilled with the delicious variety on offer.


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Easter Bunny Alcohol-Free Cricklade Hamper
Easter Bunny Alcohol-Free Cricklade Hamper
Web Price: £38.25(inc. VAT)
£42.50Save: £4.25
Easter Bunny Alcohol-Free Chedworth Gift Hamper
Easter Bunny Alcohol-Free Chedworth Gift Hamper
Web Price: £50.85(inc. VAT)
£56.50Save: £5.65
Alcohol-Free Easter Bunny Bibury Hamper
Alcohol-Free Easter Bunny Bibury Hamper
Web Price: £33.30(inc. VAT)
£37.00Save: £3.70
Easter Bunny Alcohol-Free Chalford Hamper
Easter Bunny Alcohol-Free Chalford Hamper
Web Price: £61.20(inc. VAT)
£68.00Save: £6.80
Easter Bunny Alcohol-Free Westcote Hamper
Easter Bunny Alcohol-Free Westcote Hamper
Web Price: £29.25(inc. VAT)
£32.50Save: £3.25
Easter Bunny Westcote Gift Hamper
Easter Bunny Westcote Gift Hamper
Web Price: £31.95(inc. VAT)
£35.50Save: £3.55
Merry Christmas
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Easter Bunny Alcohol-Free Stratford Hamper
Easter Bunny Alcohol-Free Stratford Hamper
Web Price: £36.45(inc. VAT)
£40.50Save: £4.05
Easter Bunny Bibury Hamper
Easter Bunny Bibury Hamper
Web Price: £37.35(inc. VAT)
£41.50Save: £4.15
Easter Bunny Cricklade Gift Hamper
Easter Bunny Cricklade Gift Hamper
Web Price: £45.90(inc. VAT)
£51.00Save: £5.10
Easter Bunny Alcohol-Free Tetbury Hamper
Easter Bunny Alcohol-Free Tetbury Hamper
Web Price: £53.10(inc. VAT)
£59.00Save: £5.90
The History of The Hamper – from 1066 to 2016

50 years short of a millennium ago, traditional hampers as we know them arrived in the UK. Evidently, the English hamper has a long history, and it wasn’t always included as part of the traditional Christmas presents that we give today. In fact, hampers don’t fit into the history of Christmas gift giving until relatively recent times, especially when compared to their timeline as a whole. Discover the journey of the hamper, from Normandy to our modern day living rooms in December, and witness its evolution into a thing of luxury. 11th century As well as the bloodshed and the toppling of the throne, William the Conqueror brought hampers with him from Normandy, too. Initially introduced as charitable offerings, hampers would be filled with food, drink and clothing to help families in need, with the hamper itself then being used for carrying laundry and groceries once the contents were finished. The durable and lightweight wicker construction that we know today has always been a trademark feature of the hamper – allowing practical transit of goods over long distances. 19th century Fast forward 800 years, and the introduction of the railway meant big changes to the British hamper. While traditional hampers had always contained non-perishables capable of being transported over long periods of time – the arrival of commercial railway meant that the distance of these journeys could become longer while the time it took them to travel became shorter. As such, an array of items that normally had a shorter shelf life began to be included. With this development came the realisation that hampers could be well received as gifts for loved ones. 20th century A century on, and the Victorian era began to adapt traditional hampers into the quality Christmas hampers that we’re used to today. Presented to maids and servants on low incomes as recompense come Christmas time, hampers at Christmas were used to reward hard workers with food and drink to form a feast they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Through doing so, Luxury Christmas hampers were officially born, and added to the history of Christmas presents. 21st century Bringing us back to modern times, and hampers have developed to host an array of delectable items. Given as charity Christmas gifts as well as in the form of luxury Christmas hampers for friends, loved ones and colleagues, the question of what to put in a hamper is one with a long list of answers, from alcohol to snacks, sweets and even skincare. Giving hampers at Christmas has become very popular over the centuries, developing further into a welcomed gift at all times of year while still retaining much of the sentiment felt with traditional hampers. What comes next for the hamper? Only time will tell. With an array of options now available when it comes to Christmas hampers, it can be hard to decide on what makes a truly good hamper today. Delve further into the history of the hamper and find out exactly what makes a good Christmas hamper today in our History of the Hamper: 1,000 years of sharing infographic. Discover an array of Luxury Christmas hampers from Regency Hampers today, and surprise a friend or loved one with a selection of their favourite treats....

28 November, 2016
100th Birthday Ideas

100th Birthday Ideas Finding the right gift can often be a challenge no matter the milestone, but what do you buy for someone who’s turning 100 years old? From sentimental gifts to collecting personal testimonials – there’s actually more choice than ever when it comes to showing the special centenarian in your life how much you care. Finding The Perfect Gifts For a 100 Year Old 100th birthday gifts should be all about thought and sentiment. And a gift that generates a sense of nostalgia or takes a person back to their heyday is an excellent way of showing them you care. But how exactly do you recreate that feeling with a gift? Compiling Memories Whether it’s for a parent, grandparent or even great grandparent, being able to compile material from throughout their lifetime shouldn’t be too hard to do. Significant photographs, old letters or even a special edition newspaper from the day they were born can all be assembled in a gift box or basket – designed to allow your loved one to take a trip down memory lane as far as your pieces of history will take them. A thoughtful and meaningful present – memory compilations are a great way to celebrate a centenarian birthday. Creating a Testimonial Book When it comes to 100th birthday present ideas, creating a testimonial book can be a thoughtful way of showing your loved one just how many people they have in their lives that care for them. Invest in a quality hardback journal and have friends and family write personalised messages throughout the book to present to them on the big day. You can even make it a touch more personal by having those who own shared photographs to stick them in the book too.Sharing 100 Years of StoriesSharing stories can often bring back memories and invite your loved one to teach you more about their life. Having friends and family write down their favourite memory and collecting them in individual envelopes is a fun way of reliving some of the more memorable occasions from the past while presenting them in a thoughtful and original way.Crafting the Perfect Playlist Sourcing old music is also a great way to mark a 100th birthday celebration. Tracking down re-mastered records from the early twentieth century is sure to be a surprise for them, but if you’re having trouble tracking down their favourites, YouTube can be used to source music as far back as the 1920s and 1930s. Find full playlists or make your own and take your loved one back down memory lane with chart toppers from more than half a decade ago. If you need a place to start, 1920-30.com has a good archive of information on jazz, musical, and popular classics from the 1920s.Gathering a Selection of Home ComfortsFrom fresh fruit baskets to fine cheeses, biscuits, chocolates and a selection of premium spirits, why not give your loved one something to enjoy after the celebrations are over with a classic gift hamper filled full of their favourite drinks, snacks and treats? From whisky and coke to wine and cheese – find a complementary gift basket to let them finish their 100th birthday celebrations in style. 100th birthday gifts needn’t be hard to shop for – with a number of nostalgic 100th birthday gift ideas to choose from, you can personalise centenarian birthday celebrations for your loved one to make it as special, or as low key as it needs to be. Explore Regency Hampers’ range of gift hampers to find a selection of ideal gifts for a 100th birthday....

30 September, 2016
Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

The best last minute Christmas gifts are the ones that masquerade as thoughtful, long-in-the-pipeline presents when opened. The ones that manage to encapsulate the individuality of the recipient, even though the journey to purchasing them might not have started out that way. Regardless of where, or more importantly, when you get your last minute gifts – if they leave nobody any the wiser, then your last minute gift can be considered a success. Find five last minute Christmas gift ideas below to surprise the loved ones in your life, even if you’re running out of time. Personalised last minute Christmas gifts Personalised last minute Christmas presents have a way of really showing that you care, and are a great way to make an otherwise forgettable gift unique – even at the last minute. From plaques for the wall to decorative canvases, commemorative photo frames and even keyrings – there are many Christmas gifts that can be personalised by adding memorable photographs or even letting your crafty side out. Take a standard present and give it the personalised touch it needs this Christmas for thoughtful yet effective last minute Christmas present ideas. Practical last minute Christmas gifts Nothing says ‘I’ve really thought about this present’ than one that your friend or loved one can actually get some use out of. From ornamental organiser trays to meaningful keyrings, quirky bottle openers and various other kitchenware items and gadgets – finding practical last minute presents is usually very easy. As long as you can find a gift that falls into the category of being something that they need as well as something that they’ll like – you can kill two birds with one stone, all in the eleventh hour. Do-It-Yourself last minute Christmas gifts The gift that keeps on giving. Do-it-yourself last minute gifts are a perfect way to give a gift that will last well into the New Year. From grow-your-own kitchen plants to cocktail making sets and beyond – these are a great way to acknowledge your loved one’s interests and show just how thoughtful you are while also giving them something they can use throughout the year. Buy quick and easy last minute Christmas presents that will leave your mark this year. Voucher & Ticket last minute Christmas gifts Vouchers are the saviour for all those guilty of leaving their last minute shopping just a tad too late. With near instant access via email most of the time – an indulgent spa getaway or tickets to a concert are easy to buy, quick to get your hands on and almost always well appreciated. Treat someone who really deserves it and they’ll have no idea you printed the voucher off the night before… on Christmas Eve. Hamper last minute Christmas gifts For the discerning recipient who knows what they like – luxury gift hampers offer a perfect solution. With a vast range to choose from, and wicker baskets adorned with sweet and savoury snacks, alcohol, soft drinks, pampering goods and more, there’s a hamper for everyone. With quick delivery over Christmas too, all you need to do is choose from their favourite vices and place your order. Still doing your last minute Christmas shopping? Discover more great last minute Christmas gifts with our assorted range of Christmas Hampers. Order before 21 December to receive yours in time for Christmas....

23 November, 2016
Christmas Food Gift Ideas

Christmas Food Hamper Ideas That Say It All Our taste buds are a very personal thing. While some people indulge in sweetness when it comes to treats, others crave the comfort of a savoury snack. From people who enjoy a drink to those who prefer sparkling pressés, from chocoholics to fruit fanatics – finding the right Christmas food gifts is a delicate balancing act. That’s why we’ve got a large and varied range of food hampers for Christmas, so you can choose the perfect gift for the perfect palate. Sweet Hampers The sweet tooth is well looked after when it comes to edible gift ideas. The Sweets & Treats To Share Gift Tower brings together an array of favourites, all presented in three silver tower boxes. Flapjacks, shortbread, biscuits, chocolate truffles, fudge, boiled sweets and more are packed together for a versatile concoction of confectionery – ideal for the sweet treat lover who can’t make their mind up on which snack they fancy next. Savoury Hampers If you’re buying for a savoury snack lover instead, then the Mistletoe Hamper offers an assortment of soft and hard cheeses, a complementary selection of grapes, spicy peanuts from The Dormen and more. Combined with their favourite crackers or enjoyed with accompanying full-bodied red wine – the expansive selection of flavours can be enjoyed whenever hunger strikes. Alcoholic Hampers Our selection of alcoholic Christmas food hamper gifts brings together everyone’s favourite wine and champagne. With alcoholic Christmas food gift ideas for all wine and champagne lovers, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect festive tipple for family and friends. Choose red, white, rosé or a combination for those who don’t have a favourite – or go for a bottle of champagne to get their festive celebrations off to a fabulously fizzy start. If you want a hamper that goes the extra mile, choose a champagne or wine hamper with accompanying chocolate treats to let them really get into the Christmas spirit. Alcohol-Free Hampers Because there’s so much more to festive celebrations than alcohol! Alcohol-free Christmas Hampers bring together a collection of our favourite treats and snacks, offering up sparkling pressés, fruit juice and crush as a refreshing alternative to wine. Find savoury, sweet or mixed non-alcoholic Christmas food hamper ideas for this year and treat the non-drinkers to a sumptuous selection of treats including indulgent chocolates, tasty cheeses, organic coffee and more. Everything Hampers What about the recipient who wants it all? Enter the Sweet & Savoury Large Gift Tower With Red Wine Christmas food hamper – offering an array of snacks and drinks for all penchants. Crisps, nuts and crackers are joined by chocolate, sweets, shortbread and even marshmallow popcorn to form a sharing Christmas food hamper gift that’s just perfect for sharing. Presented in three large red and silver boxes, it makes the perfect gift for those who just can’t decide. Whether sweet or piquant, alcoholic or alcohol-free, find Christmas Food Hamper gifts for friends and loved ones that tick all the right boxes this year....

15 November, 2016

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