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Alcohol-Free Classic Hampers

Many of our classic non-alcoholic gift baskets offer luxury presents, including sumptuous selections of delicious foods, refreshing fruit cordials, and alcohol-free champagne. As well as these lavish picnic baskets filled to the brim with tempting treats, we also offer an exceptional range of non-alcoholic food hampers containing a variety of fresh fruits, both as personal and corporate gifts.

Alcohol-free gifts from Regency Hampers are available for next day delivery in the UK, and many of our alcohol-free hampers are also suitable for sending internationally. Wherever they are sent, all of our non-alcoholic hampers are sure to surprise and delight with their exquisite contents and beautiful presentation.

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Enjoy a Non-Alcoholic Christmas Full of Festive Treats

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How To Celebrate An Alcohol-Free Christmas

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14 August, 2018


From tropical fruit baskets to savoury spreads and sweet treats, our versatile non-alcoholic hampers are packed full of a range of luxuries for all tastes. From healthy snacks to indulgent treats and refreshing drinks, there are alcohol-free hampers for all palates.

Our non-alcoholic food hampers contain a wide variety of different foods. Try our classic fruit basket for a selection of fruits including plums, apples, peaches, grapefruits, mangos, pineapples and more. Browse our savoury hampers for chutneys, jams and pâtés, or our chocolate hampers for more indulgent tastes. Our varied selection means that there are alcohol-free gifts for every taste, and every occasion.


Our alcohol-free gift hampers never scrimp on selection when it comes to drinks, either. With a wide choice of pressés, sparkling fruit drinks and waters – those who don’t have a taste for alcohol are still well looked after when it comes to refreshment.

Order your favourite alcohol-free hampers from Regency and surprise a friend, loved one or corporate client with an indulgent hamper, full of high quality luxuries.


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