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Wine with Christmas dinner 'will not cause indigestion'
Published on 15/12/2010

Hamper fans can enjoy a glass of wine with their Christmas dinner without having to worry they will suffer indigestion, new research has indicated.

According to the Scottish Daily Record, a study published in the British Medical Journal found drinking wine with a rich meal can slow digestion, but it will not cause bloating, heartburn or belching.

The investigation focussed on fondue and 20 people were given a glass of the alcoholic beverage - which can be found in luxury Xmas hampers - to eat while consuming the provision.

Although, the report noted the findings "can be generalised to address the wider issue of alcohol's effects on digestion and digestive comfort after any large, rich meal of the kind we all enjoy over the festive season", it stated.

Elsewhere, in an article for Canadian news source Telegraph-Journal, Craig Pinhey suggested individuals who receive a Xmas hamper over the yuletide period may want to hold a wine tasting party.

He claimed such a get-together is a great way for enthusiasts to learn about the range of tipples that exist.

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