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Wine hamper fans could try a fruity red
Published on 31/08/2010

Wine hamper fans may want to get pleasure from a fruity red, one expert has suggested.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Susy Atkins claimed the last few days of the summer months are an ideal time to enjoy such a tipple.

"In late August give me a truly fruity red. One with plump, fleshy, berry flavours, fulsome and soft," she stated.

Ms Atkins noted a decent "modern" Merlot with undertones of strawberry, red cherry and even a hint of rich chocolate is an ideal beverage to imbibe before the winter months approach.

She explained juicy red's that are "fruit-forward" are a good accompaniment to burgers, sausages or chops.

The journalist stated Argentina's malbec is all squashy cherry fruitcake and black cherries and is a good choice when holding an end-of-summer barbecue.

Meanwhile, those who enjoy a glass of red with cheese may be interested to hear Nantwich firm Joseph Heler's Blue Cheshire will be going on sale in Tesco for a limited period.

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