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Wine hamper fans 'can enjoy younger wines too'
Published on 25/08/2010

Wine hamper fans do not need to invest in older bottles of the beverage to enjoy the drink, it has been suggested.

In his blog for Reuters, Felix Salmon noted younger wines can be as nice as those that have aged over time.

The financial journalist observed many people can no longer afford to splash out on the finest bottles that date back years due to the current economic climate.

He advised consumers to go for the tastes they like, rather than reputations.

"So if you find a wine that you love, drink it. And if you want to start exploring the world of older wines, make sure you have a fat wallet," he remarked.

In a recent article for DemocratandChronicle.com, Laura Nichols cited wine specialist Holly Howell who recommended tasters swirl, see, sniff and sip as this technique releases aromas that can result in a number of pleasurable smells.

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