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Wine hamper fans 'can choose from an array of beverages' over the festive period
Published on 21/12/2010

There is an array of wines that will complement a traditional Christmas dinner, it has been observed.

Writing for the Scotsman.com, Brian Elliot said the wine matching process can be quite flexible and turkey can accommodate white, red and rose wines.

He explained since the meat has little fat red wine enthusiasts should opt for a beverage that contains a small amount of tannins, such as a good Beaujolais - which can often be found in luxury Xmas hampers.

However, the journalist advised those who are having duck to perhaps go for a chardonnay, particularly if the dish is served with an orange sauce.

"Game invariably means red wine and often one to match the robust, earthy flavours of the meat itself but it can still work well with pinot noir," Mr Elliot stated.

Last week, Rod Phillips told the Telegraph-Journal that people do not have to have Champagne over the festive period, as there are numerous alternatives.

He suggested Cava could be a suitable tipple for those on a tight budget, as it is good value.

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