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Tropical fruit is the ideal gift for an unwell friend
Published on 26/02/2014

When a friend, family member or loved one falls unwell and is taken to hospital, there is no doubt you'll want to pay them a visit and bring them a gift to cheer them up. 

There are many options for this situation, but a well-loved classic is a fruit basket

If you do not want to offer up the produce they might usually have at home, then why not consider getting them the Tropical Fresh Fruit Basket

This comes with a pineapple, a grapefruit, a lemon, a fresh mango and a plum, which can really brighten up their bedside, as well as offering tasty treats. 

Joining these offerings are bunches of green and red grapes, two oranges and two Kiwi fruits. 

The whole package is lovingly presented in an open willow tray - and delivery can be arranged to an address and on a date of your choosing at the checkout.

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