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Survey finds wine terminology is 'confusing'
Published on 10/09/2010

Wine fans are not pronouncing the name of the products correctly, a new survey has indicated.

According to the poll by Chef and Brewer, many people wrongly say the T out loud in Pinot Noir, even though it is meant to be silent.

A total of 16 per cent admitted they often order expensive wine just to make themselves look knowledgeable.

The study also found ten per cent of Brits have complained about the amount of wine - which is often featured in luxury Christmas hampers - poured by a waiter when the serving staff's intention was for them to taste it.

And five per cent of those quizzed confessed they have spilt their beverage when vigorously swilling it around the glass to allow it to breathe.

Wine purchasing manager for Chef and Brewer Duncan Macdonald remarked: ''If you aren't used to drinking wine it can take a while getting used to all the terminology and it can be confusing.''

In a recent article for the-signal.com, Lil Lepore and Sahri Frazier urged those attending a wine tasting session to take their time and savour each sip slowly.

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