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Skin 'needs to be hydrate from the inside out'
Published on 25/09/2012

Using pamper hampers to boost the appearance of skin is just one part of keeping the complexion looking healthy.

Leading nutritionist and advisor to Astral Light and Creamy Miguel Toribio-Mateas explained how ladies must combine an intensive moisturising regime with a nourishing diet.

"In order to keep your skin looking fabulously healthy, you must remember to work at two levels, nourishing it from inside with your diet, as well as soothing it and protecting it from the outside," the expert stated.

He explained how individuals need to ensure they are getting plenty of vitamin A, D and E in their diet, as these nutrients keep the complexion looking plump and dewy.

Mr Toribio-Mateas also recommended drinking enough water throughout the day, around 30mls per kilo of body weight.

When it comes to moisturisers, it was noted that those which contain vitamin E and aloe vera help to keep skin "supple and radiant".

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