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Partnering hamper beverages with food 'is an art'
Published on 16/02/2011

The traditional rule of pairing hamper wine with the same coloured meat became discredited some time ago, it has been argued.

Nick Lees, writing for the Edmonton Journal, believes correctly matching beverages to food is more of an art form than it is a scientific exercise.

He noted the weight of a wine, which is commonly measured by alcohol percentage and perception of tannins, is the key to making the right choice.

"The art is understanding the balance between the 'weight' or 'body' of the wine and the 'weight' of a dish," Mr Lees said, adding: "A robust cabernet sauvignon overwhelms the taste of clam chowder."

He also stated contrasting flavours can contribute to a complementary combination, mentioning ice wine and Stilton cheese as an example.

On the subject of marrying wine with cheese, last month expert Hofer Louis told Baristanet that whites should accompany sweeter, harder styles such as Swiss and Gruyere.

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