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Parents 'must set a healthy eating example for children'
Published on 05/09/2012

Parents may want to lead by example when purchasing fruit baskets and show their children the importance of eating nutritious food.

Founder of Ella's Kitchen Paul Lindley explained how "the examples set by adults are critical for children to follow".

In order to engage youngsters in healthy eating, the expert recommended making meal times fun, so food is "far less functional".

Mr Lindley claimed that recent research has shown that if children are encouraged to help make and play with foods outside of meal times they are "far more likely to eat unusual foods".

It was suggested that parents should show their offspring how to bake cakes, prepare dishes and learn more about what they are eating so they are kept interested.

Ella's Kitchen was created to help promote healthy eating among children and has been shortlisted in the International Growth Business of the Year and The Growth Strategy of the Year categories at the Orange National Business Awards.

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