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Occasional glass of wine while pregnant 'will not harm baby'
Published on 06/10/2010

An occasional glass of wine while pregnant will not harm a baby's development, researchers have claimed.

According to a team of scientists from University College London, expectant women who drink one or two units of alcohol a week may find their child is better behaved than if they abstained.

Investigators quizzed new mums about their drinking habits when their babies were nine-months-old and then revisited the families when the kids were aged three and five.

When the team visited the families when the youngsters were five years-old, they were given tests to complete.

The results revealed the youngsters whose mums had consumed alcohol while pregnant scored slightly higher in a number of vocabulary and picture sequencing assessments, compared with those whose mums did not drink alcohol when expecting.

However, lead author of the study Dr Yvonne Kelly told the Daily Telegraph social factors were also taken into account and remarked: "We are not advocating that people change their behaviour and drink to improve their child's health because that is not the message at all."

Earlier this week, American and Swiss investigators revealed they have created a device that can determine the health-giving properties found in wine.

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