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Most Christmas hampers to be sold on December 5th?
Published on 02/11/2011

December 5th could be the day when most Christmas hampers are bought, as one company has predicted that Cyber Monday will fall on this date.

According to Amazon.co.uk, this will be the busiest online shopping day, with the company noting that the first Monday of the month usually marks the highest volume of sales.

In addition, the retailer predicts that Monday December 12th will be a busy day for Christmas shopping, as consumers become increasingly comfortable with purchasing hampers and other gifts nearer to Christmas.

Christopher North, managing director of Amazon.co.uk, said while Monday usually sees a high volume of transactions, shoppers are likely to buy goods every day.

"Every day of the week will see high sales as more and more people have immediate access to shop online via home broadband and, increasingly, mobile devices," he added.

Andrew Hagger, spokesman for moneynet.co.uk, said recently that putting money aside for next year's Christmas hampers and other presents will help alleviate the financial burden many people face during the festive period.

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