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Moderate hamper drink consumption to boost heart health?
Published on 24/02/2011

A glass of something from the wine hamper could have health benefits after a study revealed those who drink in moderation are 14 to 25 per cent less likely to develop heart disease.

In a study led by Professor William Ghali from the University of Calgary, people who drank in moderation - one measure a day or less - were seen to be less at risk of a coronary illness than individuals who abstained from wine, beer and spirits altogether.

Professor Ghali said: "There may now be an impetus to better communicate to the public that alcohol, in moderation, may have overall health benefits."

His colleague Dr Susan Brien also found that it was the alcohol content and not the kind of alcohol that determined the health benefits.

People who enjoy fruit hampers may also feel healthier, as Maryon Stewart, writing for the Daily Express, noted that eating foodstuffs such as fresh apples, grapes, strawberries and oranges can help ease joint pain.

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