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Might Britain's smallest mum welcome a baby gift hamper?
Published on 27/04/2010

A baby gift hamper could be the ideal gift for Britain's smallest mother.

It has been reported that Amanda Moore, 25, has enjoyed watching her son Aidan grow up to be almost as tall as her.

The infant was delivered by caesarean section last year and now stands at 2ft 6ins.

Ms Moore suffers from a rare bone disease that has left her measuring in at 3ft 1ins and believes her child will soon be bigger than her.

She hopes that he might grow as tall as Aidan's father, Steven Fyfe, who is 6ft 1ins.

"Most boys are bigger than their mums but not after a year. He'll always be my little boy," she said.

Ms Moore was born with 14 broken bones and feared she may never have children because of her small frame.

It was recently reported that Harry Crossland became the heaviest birth since records began at Doncaster Royal Infirmary as he tipped the scales at 13lb 15oz.

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