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Might a birthday hamper be Peter Andre's next gift?
Published on 23/06/2010

Peter Andre may soon be splashing out on a birthday hamper on his children as it has been revealed he has been in giving mood of late.

The singer told new! magazine that he has purchased a custom-made, electronic Jaguar vehicle for his son, Junior.

Andre revealed he missed the youngster's birthday celebrations but hopes the lavish present will make up for it.

He described the car as "the coolest thing I've ever seen" and told the publication he had it especially commissioned by a friend a year before.

It has been modelled on the designs seen in James Bond films, travels at 5 miles per hour, has adjustable seats and even a personalised number plate, the performer explained.

Another celebrity to have been in the birthday mindset recently was Nicole Kidman, who was welcomed back to the US after a family trip to Australia by her husband Keith Urban, who gave his wife a kiss to mark her birthday.

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