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Impress your partner's parents with a hamper
Published on 26/03/2014

When meeting your partner's parents for the first time, there are plenty of things you might be worrying about. What will they think of me? What will we talk about? What do they already know about me? What if I get food on my face?

Unfortunately, many of these factors you will just have to play by ear. However, one element that is well within your control is ensuring you make a great first impression! 

Research commissioned by Monarch Airlines, which included responses from 2,000 individuals, found that meeting the parents was named the top item on a list of 50 signs that you're in a serious relationship, just in front of exchanging house keys and planning a holiday together. 

So why not get this sorted in advance by ordering a luxury hamper to present them with, to say thank you for dinner or for having you to stay?

The Sparkling Prosecco & Chocolate Gift Hamper could be perfect to mark this important milestone or, if your partner's parents are teetotal, the Alcohol-Free Stratford Hamper is sure to ingratiate you with your potential in-laws!

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