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How To Celebrate An Alcohol-Free Christmas
Published on 14/08/2018
Alcohol-Free Festive Decadence

Cliff Richard may have suggested that Christmas was defined with mistletoe and wine, but wine, or any type of alcohol, isn’t for everyone. We’ll show you how to keep your teetotal family members and friends in the spirit, without the inclusion of spirits in their gifts, or during the festive celebrations. We’ve picked out our favourite alcohol-free Christmas hampers, as well as suggesting a few Christmas mocktail recipes that you could serve up on the big day. Celebrate an alcohol-free Christmas with Regency Hampers.

Non-Alcoholic Hampers for the Sweet Toothed

Both during the countdown to Christmas and on the day itself, a key feature to the festive diet is chocolate - whether behind each door of your advent calendar or encased in a selection box. For something a little more sophisticated for the teetotal sugar lover, consider one of our sweet non-alcoholic hampers.

Our Alcohol-Free Barrington Hamper combines sweet and refreshing cranberry and orange pressé for a festive note on the palate, without any alcohol present. Matched with sweet shortbread and condiments, the centrepiece of this hamper is a luxury selection of double chocolate cookies and chocolate caramel toffees.

Or how about something for the real chocaholic? This is more chic and well-stocked than any selection box – the Chocolate Indulgence Hamper has no space spared for any drinks, and instead is overflowing with Swiss chocolate treats. Satisfy their chocolate cravings with chocolate truffles, cookies and two boxes of luxury chocolate delights.

We know what you’re thinking – these all sound like the quality gifts you’d expect from Regency, but not quite festive enough. Well, we’ve given some of our select classic non-alcoholic hampers a festive twist. Our Alcohol-Free Christmas Hampers take inspiration from our alcohol free range – combining chocolates, refreshing non-alcoholic cordials and fizz, but with the addition of Christmas classics like mince pies and marzipan topped Christmas cake.

Alcohol-Free Christmas Hampers with Something Savoury

If they avoid alcohol and are not a big fan of sweet – their festive indulgence is likely to be salty savoury snacks. Look no further than the Alcohol-Free Dyrham Hamper - a fiery chilli peanut and cashew mix is paired with Moroccan Seed & Nut crackers, with the heat off set by mild creamy brie and mature cheddar with herbs. The teetotal recipient can enjoy a delicious Christmas day supper, all washed down with a glass of Pomegranate and Elderflower pressé to cleanse the palate and unite the mild and spicy notes of the savoury selection.

Do you have a family member or friend that always chooses the cheese board after their Christmas dinner, rather than a serving of Christmas pudding? The perfect alcohol-free Christmas gift for them could just be a Cheese Hamper. While many of our cheese hampers are paired with wine and port, an ideal alcohol-free option is our Fresh Fruit, Cheese & Biscuits Gift Basket. Applewood smoked, Double Gloucester and Wensleydale cheese are set alongside fresh fruit including grapes and apples. It’s a ready-made cheeseboard to enjoy on the day, or throughout the duration of the festivities.

Host an Alcohol-Free Christmas Party, with these Christmas Mocktail Recipes

We’ve given you our pick of non-alcoholic Christmas gifts, but enjoying an alcohol-free Christmas is about more than gifting. What can you offer on the day for your teetotal guests to drink? When the glasses are raised to wish everyone season’s greetings, they’ll feel far more comfortable with something suited to a flute glass, rather than a tumbler or half pint receptacle.

As shown above, our selection of alcohol-free Christmas hampers includes a selection of sophisticated soft drinks. Delicious and refreshing on their own, but which also provide a key ingredient in a selection of Christmas mocktail recipes. Here are three of our favourites to bring to the dinner table:

Apple and Elderflower Sparkle

Elderflower pressé is a feature of many of our non-alcoholic hampers and forms the sweet base of this alcohol-free mojito. Mix together 120ml of elderflower pressé with 1l of apple juice. Throw in a handful of chopped mint leaves and stir before serving.

Cranberry Cooler

If your cranberry sauce only comes out at Christmas, use a little extra for this Christmas mocktail. Combine 6-8 mint leaves, with 25ml of lemon juice, 25ml of golden syrup, 80ml of apple juice, and 2 tsp of cranberry sauce. Mix together and serve over crushed ice.

Elderflower and Raspberry Mocktail

Take your 275ml bottle of Elderflower pressé, mix with the juice of a lemon, a punnet of blended raspberries and a handful of chopped mint leaves. Serve over ice for a refreshing alcohol-free Christmas mocktail.

Get everybody in the Christmas spirit with Regency Hampers. Choose the perfect gifts from our range of alcohol-free Christmas hampers and tick your teetotal friends and family off the gift list. Then celebrate in alcohol-free style, serving up a selection of varied and refreshing mocktails to mark the festivities with some fizz.

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