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Hampers 'are a classic Christmas gift for employees'
Published on 22/10/2012

Hampers make the ideal gift for companies that like to present their employees with a token of their appreciation during the festive season.

An article featured in HR Magazine explained how a gift basket is a good choice, as it is an item that can be shared among family and friends.

Equally, unlike money, staff are likely to view a hamper as a luxury treat and appreciate the sentiment behind it.

In comparison, giving employees money or vouchers may lead to them spending the money on everyday essentials rather than something indulgent for themselves.

Corporate sales manager at Asada Business Rewards Jo Taylor claimed that cash bonuses "just get swallowed up in the December pay packet".

Meanwhile, it was noted that hampers provide an "evergreen appeal" as they can offer staff something they can share with their families.

Regency has a host of gift baskets to suit a range of budgets, offering companies plenty of options this Christmas.

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