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Hamper fans to match wine with chocolate this Valentine's Day?
Published on 09/02/2011

An expert has claimed a bottle of bubbly works perfectly as a match for chocolate.

This and other combinations have been suggested by the Winston-Salem Journal and some couples may find the run-up to Valentine's Day is the best time to experiment with some hamper favourites.

David Joyce, co-owner of Wine Merchants Gourmet, stated that sparkling varieties are an excellent pairing with chocolate, particularly rose.

"The richer red base with classic berry flavours pairs perfectly with chocolate - especially dark chocolate - and the effervescence and acidity keep the palate refreshed and ready for the next bite," he said.

Another connoisseur, Mike Ancuta, manager at Total Wine & More, championed zinfandel as an accompaniment for the sweet stuff, saying the spiciness complements it well.

Last month, Baristanet recommended that people wanting to match wine with cheese should drink fruity reds, which can cleanse the mouth of the film left by eating brie.

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