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Hamper fans advised to drink red wine with seafood
Published on 14/01/2011

Seafood lovers might want to order a hamper packed with red wine, as the two have been said to go well together.

Despite the popularity of white with fish, an article published on StreetCorner suggested there are certain combinations that work exceptionally.

When eating produce from the ocean, a particularly good option to go for is a bottle of Shiraz, which is reported to "really drive the red wine and seafood love home".

"It is a great example of a truly seafood-friendly red wine most people would traditionally overlook," the piece noted, while both pinot noir and merlot received special mentions for their ability to complement marlin and tuna respectively.

Other top tips were to try rose with crabs, prawns and spicier dishes, or, alternatively, to sip sparkling wine with smoked salmon, lobster and scallops.

When choosing a wine to go with cooking, WeLoveSeafood.com claimed the flavours of the dish should be taken into consideration; a light tasting fish would pair well with chardonnay or sauvignon blanc, for example.

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