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Hamper enthusiasts to make beer cocktails?
Published on 31/01/2011

Beer such as the IPA found in some hampers can be used to make cocktails, it has been suggested.

In the opinion of expert Stephen Beaumont, such beverages can be divided into three different categories, the Associated Press reports.

The options are blends of beer, brews that involve mixing with fruit juices or spirits, or cases where beer is used to add flavour to other cocktails.

He noted that those who want to make their own concoctions should consider how tastes go together, suggesting harmony is important when spirits are involved - IPAs matching up well with the fruitiness of rum.

Mr Beaumont commented that while in France, he noticed this style of blended drink was surprisingly common.

According to an article in the Daily Telegraph earlier this month, in the 1700s English politicians encouraged the drinking of ale to impede the excessive consumption of gin which was occurring at the time.

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