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Hamper drinkers 'should not over-chill whites'
Published on 04/02/2011

Wine needs to be decanted to release its flavour whether it is red or white, it has been suggested.

This and other tips have been listed by Simon Hoggart in the Spectator so enthusiasts may maximise their enjoyment from the hamper drink.

Whites should never be served too cold, he advised, as it can strip the tipples of their taste.

"With a cheap, taste-free brew this can be an advantage. If you've paid good money for the stuff, it's a terrible waste," Mr Hoggart said, before recommending the bottle is taken out of the fridge half an hour before it is poured.

He also discussed different ways to preserve red wine, but concluded storing it in the fridge until an hour before consumption is generally fine.

Earlier this week, Ben MacPhee Sigurdson, writing for the Winnipeg Free Press, claimed when tasting, as many variables should be controlled as possible, as consistent conditions allow for more accurate perception.

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