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Gift hampers containing beer 'not so fattening'
Published on 23/02/2010

Those planning to give gift hampers containing beer to friends or family may be reassured to hear that the beverage is not as fattening as some people think.

Writing in the Guardian, Felicity Cloake pointed out that, while it is calorific, it may be less so than many other beverages.

Indeed, the average bottle of beer contains fewer calories than a large gin and tonic, she noted.

Ms Cloake added: "In reality, those beer bellies parading up and down the high street are just as likely be tempranillo tummies, or gin guts."

The writer went on to point out that, while many consumers conflate the two, lager and ale are two distinct types of beverage, brewed in different ways.

While ale is fermented at a relatively high temperature and allowed to undergo a slow secondary fermentation in the cask, lager is fermented under cooler conditions.

Currently, the government is debating ways in which it can gain more control over the nation's drinking habits, with minimum unit pricing one of the options being discussed.

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