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Gift baskets 'should be personal and tasteful'
Published on 17/02/2012

Attractive gift baskets can make the difference between presenting a gift that is appreciated and one that wows the recipient.

This is according to Dana Sonia, of US store Gift Baskets By Your Design, who told the Concord Patch how customised hampers can really impress friends and family members.

"Most people think gift baskets are a basket, some cellophane, bows and a few things thrown in," she stated.

However, the expert claimed it is possible to send a thoughtful gift merely by selecting a hamper that reflects an individual's personal tastes and likes.

In order to impress loved ones, individuals may want to consider selecting a hamper that is filled with culinary delights, specialist beverages or beauty pampering products they know the recipient will enjoy.

Ms Sonia described how the products inside are not the only important part, explaining that people should also be in awe of the appearance of the gift basket.

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