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Expert recommends dry brushing to boost skin health
Published on 24/10/2012

Dry brushing skin can have a positive effect on transforming the appearance of skin, according to one expert, who recommends using exfoliating products regularly.

Amanda McGillivray, founder of The Natural Skincare Company, explained how using massage brushes, loofahs and body puffs can help an individual to keep their complexion looking healthy.

It was noted that body brushing can also have "far reaching benefits for the health of the body", provided people brush in a motion that goes towards the heart.

Ms McGillivray explained how it is vital to take good care of the skin, as up to 60 per cent of what is put on it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

"It is very important that any skincare, haircare and cosmetics contain the purest possible ingredients and if possible are free from known harmful ingredients such as parabens, artificial colourings and synthetic perfumes," the specialist stated.

The Tisserand products found in Regency's pamper hampers may be the ideal option, as they are free from parabens and contain organically and ethically harvested essential oils and plant extracts.

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