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Ex-Coronation Street star talks cheese
Published on 28/07/2010

Cheese hamper fans may be interested in the comments made by ex-Coronation Street actor Sean Wilson.

Wilson spoke out about what it takes to produce a good cheese, as he has been helping to evaluate samples on display at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, the BBC reports.

He said there are two main types of cheese, those from the supermarket and ones that comes from a farmer's market or deli.

"The British cheese counter is quite a big counter now, wherever you go. The public is starting to appreciate it," he added.

Since leaving the long-running soap, Wilson now works in the cheese industry and produces three varieties of farmhouse at Saddleworth Cheeses in Lancashire.

The former actor won a British Cheese Award in 2006, just 12 months after he started making the produce.

He noted he has always been passionate about the dairy product and it was something he wanted to do even when he was playing Martin Platt in Coronation Street.

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