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Education needed for children to enjoy fruit baskets?
Published on 25/02/2011

Children may need to be taught about the benefits of healthy eating before they enjoy fruit baskets, according to one nutritional expert.

Nutritionist for the Health Supplements Information Service Dr Carrie Rushton said that current education on healthy diets focuses on the wrong aspects of eating well.

She noted while many children may understand the importance of following a good diet, which could include regular treats from the fruit basket, they lack the "practical experience" that enables people to shop for ingredients and create healthy meals.

Her comments followed a study published on behalf of the Health Supplements Information Service which found that UK children are at risk of developing serious conditions in life if they do not have a good diet as youngsters.

The researchers also found that children's diets are often lacking in the recommended level of nutrients and also often include higher than recommended levels of sugar, salt and saturated fat.

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