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Eating properly 'important to kids' health'
Published on 15/01/2013

Parents may want to feed their children healthier meals after discovering kids who chow down take-away meals at least three times a week are more susceptible to conditions such as asthma and eczema.

According to data published by researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and the University of Nottingham, a poor diet could be to blame for the increase in these allergy-related afflictions among youngsters.

In particular, teenagers could fall victim to these problems, are they are almost 40 per cent more likely to have severe asthma or have itchy and watery eyes if they consume burgers and pizzas regularly.

Professor Hywel Williams from the University of Nottingham said if the connection between fast food and asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis and eczema is casual, "then the findings have major public health significance owing to the rising consumption of fast food globally".

Among children aged six to seven, the risk of suffering these conditions increased by 27 per cent when consuming harmful foods.

While people with asthma do not have to go on a special diet, it is wise for them to avoid products such as milk, eggs, shellfish and nuts.

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