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Drinking red wine with steak 'lowers cholesterol'
Published on 14/01/2013

Consuming a glass of red wine at the same time as eating a steak can help avoid the build-up of cholesterol after a meal.

This is according to a team of researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who revealed the antioxidants found in red wine can stop dangerous components in red meat from being absorbed in the gut and entering into the bloodstream.

Professor Ron Kohen from the institute of drug research at the facility said the results offer an explanation as to why regular meat consumption leads to an increased chance of suffering a heart disease.

He added: "Including polyphenol rich products [found in wine] as an integral part of the meal significantly diminishes these harmful effects."

The researchers tested 14 healthy volunteers over four days, feeding them dark turkey cutlets and asking them to avoid other meats and fish, before asking a smaller group of the same people to repeat the diet and accompany each piece of red meat with a glass of red wine.

A recent survey from French Wines discovered consumers who enjoy a glass of red are more likely to have a degree and be married.

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