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Drink hamper wine 'in consistent conditions'
Published on 31/01/2011

Consistent conditions are said to allow for wine to be tasted more precisely, hamper buyers may be interested to know.

Variables such as physical environment, drink temperature and glassware can all affect how a beverage is perceived, Ben MacPhee Sigurdson wrote for the Winnipeg Free Press.

The wine expert advised that, ideally, glasses should be pear-shaped and not too thick, while they should be filled just enough to assist the release of aroma.

He explained the importance of controlling as many external factors as possible.

"What a wine tastes like – and your opinion of that wine – changes based on what's going on around it (and you)," said Mr MacPhee-Sigurdson, adding: "A wine will never taste exactly the same twice."

He also noted that even sitting next to someone wearing a strong scent can alter how smell and flavour is assessed.

In an article for the Chicago Tribune, Bill Daley recently advised enthusiasts to savour mouthfuls for a few seconds to ensure a complete tasting experience.

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