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Dark chocolate 'is better' than milk versions
Published on 07/09/2010

Chocolate enthusiasts should always opt for dark versions of the sweet stuff, as it contains flavonoids, it has been suggested.

An article in the South Wales Echo indicated the provision can help protect the heart and reduce high blood pressure.

"To enjoy the benefits of dark chocolate, eat it in moderation, along with a healthy balanced diet, plenty of physical exercise and no smoking," the publication stated.

It noted there is no need to feel "guilty" when eating dark chocolate - which is often found in luxury Christmas hampers - as long as it is consumed on an occasional basis.

However, the news provider advised individuals to reduce their intake of milk chocolate, as it contains approximately 20 per cent less cocoa solids.

Furthermore, it also has more calories and sugar in it than its darker counterpart.

In a recent feature for Bizcommunity.com, Ruth Cooper observed people should take their time when chomping on chocolate and it should not be devoured in one go.

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